Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Friday... Friday...Friday

Happy Day! 

     It's Friday, It's Payday, It's the start of a 3 day weekend! :) YAY! That's all I've got to say. It's going to be a good weekend. Also have I mentioned lately that I serve a good God that provides. I have been praying so hard that He would send us a few more peeps to help with the coffee bar at church and guess what? In his perfect timing ... here they come! Still waiting on a few more but I'll practice patience!
     Also did you miss me yesterday? I was busy working on one of my favorite things... some graphic design stuff. Hopefully on Saturday I will get it all finalized but I am hoping to get an Etsy store up and running! I am so excited and I just couldn't help myself, I got all wrapped up in playing on Adobe that I just couldn't pull myself away! 
     So I am going to combine yesterday and today! First up 

5things (by the way have you guys noticed that I like lists... I think it's becoming a theme.) 
1. I am thankful for an awesome church family, they are so on fire for God that you can't help but be on fire too. Also they are so incredibly sweet and invested you can really tell they want to know you and get to know you better. It's such a blessing to know my Crossing:Hannibal friends.
2. I am thankful for my sweet husband. God's on the move in his heart, I can just feel it. What I am really thankful for though is that he is open to God's movement. He is really listening for that still small voice and is ready to jump! It's amazing to see you grow E, it really is!
3. New Friends. This means YOU! I could never have imagined 5 months ago when I began this blog that I would find so many amazing friends through it. I love getting to know all of you and I am so thrilled at the prospect of getting to know you all better and getting to know even more bloggie friends! 
4. This is going to sound silly after all those deep and thoughtful ones but Coffee... seriously I am thankful for something so sweet and yummy. It's just the little pick me up that I need in my day. Simple and sweet. I love my coffee. 
5. Ok, one more deep one. My Aunt. I am so thankful for her. She is my Dad's older sister and very much like a second mother to me. She has been on my mind a lot this week and I I am just realizing how totally blessed I am to have her in my life. 

Now on to a slightly lighter list! High 5 For Friday 

 1. Last night on the way to good ole Q-town I looked out over the Mississippi bridge and saw the beautiful full moon. Obviously my phone camera isn't equipped to capture it's full beauty but it just took my breath away.
 2. Running? Maybe this time it will catch on. I have never been a runner... I was a dancer. Am a dancer but I REALLY want to like running. I just get bored with it. Maybe it would be more interesting if you add in zombies? Ha Ha We shall see... I am seriously considering signing up for this walk/run... it may be more walking than running but it would give me a goal right?
 3. This poor little wet puppy. She melts my heart. I love that little snuggle butt and I know that she HATES baths but just as sure death and taxes everybody has to have them! Poor girl, I promise she is MUCH cuter when she is all dry and fluffy with a bow in her hair! 
 4. My MUG CAME! I am so EXCITED about this mug swap. It has been so much fun and it has inspired me. Maybe when my sweet little blog is grown up it will have a mug swap too! ;)
5. My prints from Aly over at Blossom and her sweet Etsy Store arrived on Saturday! I am so excited but I haven't figured out just where exactly to display my lovely new art. I'll let you know when I do.

Also I realized that today is the LAST day of August and I have been remiss in posting my Birch Box post! Be on the look out for that this weekend!

What about you my lovely friends? Do you have any awesome plans for the Holiday weekend? I hope it is amazing for you and that you find yourself totally blessed

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Soundtrack

Happy Wednesday Ya'll. 
     It seems to just be one of those weeks. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary but I just have some pep in my step. E has even commented that I seem to be rather goofy. I really can't put a finger on why I'm just having a good week! I hope your week has been just as good.
     So.... It HAS begun. I know the high is still supposed to be 95 degrees, I don't care change is coming. FALL! It's going to be here soon and I am so excited. I think I get more excited about Fall than any other season. I don't know why, I just DO. Cooler temps (but not too cool), sweaters, scarves, hot tea and chai. MMMmmmmm :) It all started yesterday when I had a bite of pumpkin crumb pound cake, one bite and I was done for. fall fever is here in full force. I even went home and made snickerdoodles. I just needed to have cinnamon! Ha Ha I'm sure this isn't the last you'll hear from me on this subject. 
     As you all know I love my music. I admit it I am a music nerd. At any given moment, I have any number of songs running through my head and it seems like good new music ebbs and flows, I can go a couple months without anything that really strikes my fancy and then all at once there are 6 new albums that I really LOVE! This morning really got me pumping, one of my favorite artists Toby Mac was on the air, in the studio for an hour talking about his newest album. So I humbly present to you;
Lydia's Fall 2012 Soundtrack/Wishlist

I'll start with Mr. Mac since he has been so busy this week. He was on GMA earlier this week with the Lovely Mandisa. Then he was on air just this morning at JoyFM. His newest album "Eye On It" released yesterday, topping out at #1 on the iTunes download charts! 
My love for this album all started here...

Next is the a new album by Kari Job. Yes this album came out back in January but it wasn't until recently I heard this song

and realized that I really feel the need to own "Where I Find You

This is another one that I am a bit late to the party on, but Josh Wilson released See You early last year. It wasn't until I found this song that I really began to appreciate his sound and style. One day I will own this album if only for this song (which is completely ridiculous since he has so many awesome songs on this project)

 Lastly is a lovely gal that I have really liked for some time but have never really looked into. I have heard lots from Britt Nicole in the last few years but when a friend of mine passed me a mix with this song  it made me stop and listen.

Right then she was speaking to me. This song was me and I had to go track down the rest of her music "RIGHT NOW" :) Her newest Album "Gold" just came out back in March and I have found that this is one of those great albums that every single song just speaks to me.
These are just a few that I am really loving right now. I find that my taste is an interesting mix anywhere from mellow and soothing to fun, peppy and poppy. From time to time I even dig the rock sound. (Though you will hardly ever hear me listening to scream-o, to each his own and that is definitely not my own.) 

I am always in search of fun new music, so what are you listening to you these days?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Forever a Student

Hello there my friends, 

     How has your Tuesday been so far? Mine has been wonderfully simple and sweet! First I have been renewing my love of coffee this morning along with some pumpkin bunt cake. Fall can't come soon enough! Also I received my mug from the mug swap in the mail! It came all the way from Texas from Kristi over at Pineapples and Sunshine
Here is a sneak peek at my adorable mug and stay tuned for more with my whole mug post next week, on what I sent and what I received!  
      So today is the first day of classes across the street at good ole HLG (it's also the 5th anniversary of meeting my darling hubby) But it has me thinking, this is the second year that I won't be going back to school or having that memorable "first day" experience. Truth be told that kind of made me sad. As glad that I was to graduate college, two year later I must say I really kind of miss it. I think it's just in my nature to enjoy learning and if you ask anyone around me I am the kind of gal that loves to read, I jump on Google at the slightest whim just to find out things that I don't know and I could lose myself for hours in documentaries. All of those things have kept me learning since I have graduated but thanks to a dear friend I have another new resource to keep learning!
                                             It's called "How Stuff Works"!  

Now I know that I have heard of this place before but till now I hadn't really looked into all it has to offer! Their website is full of list, quizzes, articles and podcasts. My current favorite is "Stuff You Missed in History Class" These podcasts are about 20-30 minutes long and and each episode centers around one subject from Jack the Ripper to the Titanic.
     I have found that even if I think I know these subjects there is always something new to learn. It has kept me entertained and educated theses last couple weeks and I'm sure will keep me as such for weeks to come! If you like to learn check it out! 

Monday, August 27, 2012

On the Verge

*Slowly you open your eyes, blinking once, twice as your mind clears from the fog of sleep. You glance around taking in the view from your place on the porch swing. The gentle breeze has stilled, and lazy grey clouds blanket the sky where the sun shone brightly just hours before. As you breathe in deep you catch a hint ... the faint smell. Fresh. Clean. It's coming, rolling in from the west. The anticipation is building, almost an excitement, with a promise of something new. A break in the warmth, refreshment for the dry cracked ground. Change is coming. But in this moment you sit, reveling in the quiet ... stillness, the stolen moments between the seasons. Peace in the in between. Waiting for rain.*


Friday, August 24, 2012

High 5 for Friday BONUS EDITION!!!

Happy Stinking Friday Friends! 
     I can't believe how fast this week has gone, but it's been exciting from one end to the other, and tomorrow to top it all off I'm having a girls day with one of my all time favorite people, and we are taking a trip to the Lou (good ole StL) for a visit to Target (YAY) Trader Joe's (DOUBLE YAY) and maybe even Chick-Fil-A! It doesn't get much better than that! 
     Also guess what today is? Go a head, guess... Post #100! I can't believe it! It's been just over 5 months and 100 posts! I can't believe it, I'm still blogging. I can honestly say I love it more than I thought I would. I look forward each day to getting on here and chatting about life, and coffee, and art, and more coffee.  I had my doubts when I started, I've never been a big fan of writing, and I was never consistent enough to keep a "real" diary they always managed to end up lost with the dust bunnies under the bed. And yet... here I am! Enjoying life, and loving my little blog community and bloggy friends! When I look forward to what else this blog has in store I just get giddy! Maybe I'll get to a meet up or even one year I'll save up enough to make it to the Influence Conference!
     Also Friday's are for celebrating right? Nothing says celebration quite like laughter and fun, so how about something funny that will make you laugh. I'm talking literally laughing out loud, tears streaming down your face, be careful if you are reading at work. Are you ready? My latest find is called Dog-shaming! Think LOLcats but with dogs, better grammar and pitiful puppy dog eyes. For Ex:

     If you are a dog owner, or even if you aren't these pictures, the captions coupled with the shameful (or not so shameful) faces is enough to have you rolling! So if you are in need of a laugh go have a look. You won't be sorry.

Finally it is about time for my High5 and it is a real "high" 5! It's been a good week!


     1. The other night the hubs came home and surprised me with these beauties. I LOVE getting flowers and he was right up my alley with these lovely purple daisies! 
     2. I feel very accomplished I am going on 3 weeks of getting at least 4 loads of laundry done in a week and hanging them out on the line in attempt to conserve energy! 
     3. Tuesday marked one of my favorite dates ever with E. Our trip to Busch stadium with 3 base line seats is one for the record books! 
     4. This was a lovely reminder this morning to pull from my jewelry box. One of my favorite necklaces from my parents that reminds me "I am treasured, I am sacred, I am HIS"
     5. All of these highlights from this week were done with this amazing Highlighter Pink manicure. It looks rather mellow in the bright sunlight but in real life this pink rivals my hot pink highlighter in my desk! 

 I hope your week has been as blessed and as fun filled as mine this week, and that you have an amazing weekend.
Do any of you have any dog stories that are worth the dog shaming website? I know Miss Bailey does! 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Sentimental Fool

Happy Thursday Friends,

It's been one of those days around here. Kind mellow, and quiet. What I would really love today is to have all day to just sit and be quiet and have quiet time with my Jesus. Maybe some coffee too.
     But with my quiet day I have been reminiscing. From where I sit at work I can see the college across the street, and I have been watching all of the freshmen move in today. I realized in my day dreaming that it has been 5 years today since that was me. Little freshman Lydia moving all her things into Kleckner Hall and good old HLG.
     Yes, that curly haired little cutie, was packing up her bags bright and early for the 3 hour drive from home. To tell you the truth I was scared out of my mind. I had spent the last 2 years looking forward to 2007 like it was doomsday or the end of the world (as I knew it). There were A LOT of nerves and even a few tears but looking back it was so exciting and I wish I had let loose a little better.  

 After being whisked away by the "swarm squad" all of my boxes and bags were in my room waiting to be unpacked.

We whipped out the bright pink comforter and umpteen pillows as well as a crazy amount of clothes and next thing I knew, Mom and Dad were leaving and I began the whirlwind of New Student Orientation! I didn't hardly have time to miss my home.

Little did I know that 5 days later, on that fateful first day of classes, down in the coffee shop on campus I would meet this hottie.

It really is hard to believe that, it's really been 5 years. 5 years since "dooms day", 5 years since I met the love of my life. 5 years can seem so short and yet I have grown SO much since then. Looking back there are a few things I wish I could tell little college Freshman Lydia.
- Embrace the change. Growth is good and college is just a step along that path.
- Loosen up a little, if you focus the good grades will come but there is no need to lock your self in your room everynight.
- Learn some balance, Midnight every night might be hard to maintain, but 9 pm is for old people. 
- For the love of GEORGE (or Ethan rather) Learn to flirt a little. It never killed anybody and I don't think having your nose buried in a book is anybodies idea of a love language! 
- Buy your books online! Ha ha I know this sounds so $$ driven but it took me 3 semesters to learn that, and I cringe every time I think of home much I wasted early on on "campus bookstore" books!
- Most of all HAVE FUN! At the beginning 4 years may seem like forever and there may be times (during Jr. Year) that you just wish to elope and be done with it but it goes SO fast! 

(College Themed) 5thing
- My college degree that I worked so hard for
- My husband, the amazing guy that God brought to the same college at the same time as me!
- Friends (near and now far) that I will have for a life time thanks to HLG 
- Sweet memories of midnight breakfasts and (illegal) dance parties
-  HLG, A safe place for those 4 "growing up" years

So how long ago was college for you? What are some of the things from then that you are still thankful for today?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Hello Friend, 
     I hope you are awake and alive on this Wednesday. I am certainly fighting to be awake today. Yesterday afternoon was a blast, but man, we were up SO late! 

     I am of the opinion that there is no better way to start an afternoon than by playing hookie! I cut out of work a bit early and met E for a late lunch before we hit the road. I was rather sad to leave the little lady in her cage all evening but they don't allow fur people into Busch Stadium. 
     We headed south to St. Peters to meet up with E's college roommate Matt and his sweet girlfriend Sammi Jo. E and I hadn't met Sammi Jo before and we both just fell in love with this sweet girl that Matt had managed to snag. I'd never really thought before about what Matt's "type" was but this gal suits him to a T! 
     Due to a slight laundry error (think favorite cardinals shirt/chap stick/dryer/grease stains/hurriedly trying to fix catastrophe) we got to the stadium RIGHT before the game started. Needless to say none of us had eaten supper, so we opted for stadium food.... That's a mistake I'll never make again. You'd think the burger and fries were made of GOLD for what we paid for them. Jinkies! I'd say they were just under dollar store quality. But the experience is half the fun anyway.
My hair was almost long enough to cover Pujols and save me from ridicule, but not quite. I'm not ashamed, I love Albert and his sweet family, but I was unsure of the reception of my jersey at the stadium!

Raise your hand if you claim to be a photographer and yet forget the camera at home, to be left with only a phone camera that promptly dies as you reach the stadium? 
*Sheepishly Raises Hand*
At least I got one good shot of E and I cheesing it up in Sammi Jo's borrowed shades.  


     This was the last successful shot of the night before my phone called it quits. I should have known better. 

We had amazing seats, about 6 rows off of the 3rd base line. I don't think I have ever been that close to the field! Plus it was a great game, Adam Wainwright pitched an awesome no run game. The crowd was on their feet for his last three pitches, it made me so proud to be a part of Cardinal Nation. I'm sure everyone feels this way but St. Louis really does have the best fans.
     For a 7 o'clock game I was impressed that it was over by about 10 and we hit the road since we had almost 3 hours of travel left. Of course we had to pit stop and fuel up to stay awake for the drive and can I just say God Bless QT. Hands down my favorite gas station. 
     After the pit stop brought to you by QT we were on our way home and rolling into bed around 2. Thus the coffee dependance today. Totally worth it. All in all I would say it was a VERY successful date night! Perfect team, prefect weather, perfect company! Something I hope to repeat annually!  

So tell me who is your "home team" and have you been to a game recently? 
Personally I think it should be a summertime requirement!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

By Love

Tuesday is here! I am so pumped for today, and I'll let you know why in just a bit, but before I get ahead of my self...
     Have you ever had those days/weeks/months where you feel like the Tasmanian devil? You know, when you are just a spinning blur, bouncing about, things flying everywhere, so busy and crazy that your tongue is hanging out of your mouth (Ok, maybe not that last part) but it seems like you always have something to be doing? Not that any of the things you are doing are bad or wrong but you are just always busy. It's enough to make you want to pause and ask, "why". Why am I so busy? What are my motives. Where can I find some peace? 
     During the sermon on Sunday, something kind of clicked for me. Whit all this busy-ness and doing what am I really doing? What am I hear for. Yes, it's a rather big, nebulous question but really it all goes back to who I am, or rather whose I am. You see, for such a big question, the question is rather small and yet not small at all. Something that once I really GOT it, brought me immense peace. LOVE. Not in the cliche, overly gooey way, rather a Father, King, Creator kind of way. In a way that we were created and set apart. Formed by God's very hands and have God's very breath breathed into us. We were created by such an immense love that our only purpose could be is for us to love. 
     Not to over simplify it, but when all of everything seems to be spinning crazy, and I am wildly questioning what I am doing, where I am going and what God's will is, it's amazing to me to pause and realize my purpose here is to LOVE. As Christ loved me. The one phrase that has stuck with me for a long time has been "Light of Eternity" from a Song by Matthew West.

     As in when I am doing and going and busy, what is my reason behind it all, how does it compare to the big picture of God's plan? I'm not saying I am about to pitch all my extracurricular out the window, but I do want to be more considerate of what I do... how it impacts others... what it does for the kingdom. In this I find peace. 
     God hasn't called me to fill my days and hours. God hasn't called me to compete against others and be "better than" anyone. I am called to love. That might take many different forms but what I am here to do is Love My God and Love others around me. It's kind of refreshing to look down at my to-do list and see one thing. Those are my deep ponderings for today.
    On to why I am so excited for today. Because in just a few hours I will be hitting the road with my man and we will be heading out to the ballpark! I have yet to get to a Cardinals game this summer so I am completely stoked. We are just praying it doesn't turn out like the 19 inning game the other night! Yep. The weather is beautiful so buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks... and maybe some nachos! It's going to be amazing and there will be pictures coming in the next couple days. Also pray for me, I have decided to wear my Pujols jersey! He he It's going to be a night to remember. 

It's just a normal Tuesday night but do you have any exciting plans? Or will you have a quiet night in?      

Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby Showers and the "Lucky Gene"

Happy Monday my friends. 
I hope you had an amazing weekend like I did. I love when life is busy yet normal. You know, filled with normal everyday things but bursting at the seams with fun and laughter and joy? Yep, those are the ones and my beautiful weekend was full of days like that.
     First, I adore date nights with E. When we were in college we had to "go out" to get time together and once we got married we have thoroughly enjoyed our evenings in, but once in a while it is such a nice change of pace to go out again. We hit up our old favorite pizza joint in Quincy and split our traditional small ham pizza with queso dip and two waters! Ha ha we can always order before we even get to the table. Since Gem City Pizza is right across the street from a TCBY we HAD to get frozen yogurt. (even though we always seem to be stuffed to the gills after pizza) It really was just a sweet, simple yet spectacular night. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, the music on the radio was perfect and we had the time of our lives on just a simple date. That my friends is what I love about life with that boy. 
     Then on Saturday I spent the whole day being "suzie homemaker". Which I love doing! IF i could stay home all day and just putz around my house, cleaning and cooking and craft-y-ing I would be one happy little clam. I finished up an afghan I had been working on and some decorations for the shower the next day all the while watching waaay too much Switched at Birth. (Who would have thought sweet little April Nardini from Gilmore girls could be such a spicy sassy teenager named Bay)
     Think I have a small addiction to ABC Family shows. I just like the fluff/fun to drama ratio. Since I had finished Make it or Break it some time ago I needed a new show and I systematically worked my way through all of the Switched at Birth episodes. Though I was so sad to get to the end I am excited to know come September there will be new episodes! 
     AAANyway back to Saturday I spent the second half of my day constructing the "wonder cake" It really was a simple white cake, with Strawberry filling. But smart me, I decided to try out a new recipe for frosting which A) didn't yield enough to cover the cake, let alone decorate it like I have big plans to do, and B) was a total flop in the consistency department. Anyway I did my best and that stinker of a cake was lucky it tasted good... that was it's only redeeming quality! :P 
     I wasn't going to be deterred however, I had a shower to throw on Sunday and I was going to have a blast doing it! So on Sunday I got my happy self and all my decorations ready and headed over to Mrs. Bradshaw's house to set up!

The little quilted afghan I made for Little Miss Evelyn. 

 Then the decorations were all hand made by Mallory and I. We had such a good time making all the little pendants and poofs and tassles!
 Also this is what happens when I get so wrapped up in the fun. I forget to shoot in  manual! :P

 The beautiful Momma of Honor Julie opening gifts! Just what she needed, lots of diapers!
 Miss Grace rather enjoyed the party from under the coffee table watching a movie on her smart phone!

 We all had such a great time. Nothing too cliche' and no baby games, just lovely ladies from our church, having a  blast eating and chatting and opening presents! I'm so thankful for all these ladies! 

LASTLY I found out today that my dad's lucky "winning gene" that I inherited has struck again! I won a contest over at Blossom and Vine! I am so excited to pick a few things out from Aly's etsy store!
     See? It's Official! Head over here to Her Blossom and Vine store and check out some of her adorable wall art and help me figure out just which cute thing I want!  

Friday, August 17, 2012

High Five for Friday

Gooooood Morning World! 

How are you all doing on this lovely Friday Morning? I hope you are doing amazingly well especially if the weather is even half as lovely as it is here! It's been a fantastic week here and I am just loving this mild weather... although it does make me pine for fall and sweaters and chai tea and crunchy leaves! Those will be here soon enough right? :) 

So here is my high five!

This was actually last Saturday but it's too cute not to share! I went to go buy stamps and A) The postal service is nearly committing highway robbery with stamp prices but... B) They make up for it with these adorable faces all over them!

Holy Purple Pancakes Batman! I got a wild hair the other day and decided to make pancakes... then I decided that blueberry pancakes sounded even better, then I looked in the freezer and say raspberries and blackberries too and went for the gold with wholewheat triple berry pancakes! 

 This new study in Proverbs with #SheReadsTruth has been SO good this week. I have enjoyed so much digging into it and seeing what other ladies have gotten out of it as well!

 Wednesday was casual day at work so I rocked the denim with my preppy little blazer. It's a good day when you look cute and you feel cute all at the same time!
  Lastly this cute little guy and his stone brother have FINALLY taken up residence in my garden! I actually inherited these cuties from my grandma almost 4 years ago but they were living at my parents house till I got a place of my own... and then till I remembered to retrieve them! I just love them and the splash of adorable they lend to my front porch! 

So that's 5 of my favorite things this week.
 How about you? Cooking anything yummy, wearing anything preppy? ;) I hope you have a great weekend my friends! 
Remember to link up with Lauren this week! 


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bucket List

Happy Friday Eve!
     Can you believe that the week is almost over? Can you believe that the SUMMER is almost over? This morning my baby brother started his senior year of high school. It doesn't even seem possible. It was just yesterday mom was dragging our sorry butts out of bed so we could gather around the kitchen table and make faces at each other, poke and prod, and crack up do school work. Now look at us. All grown up and taking on the world... whatever that means. :P
     With all this reminiscing and remembering I have been forced to think about the future quite a bit in the last week. Making real grown up plans aren't near as fun so I find my self rabbit trailing into stuff I really want to do with my life. I figure a great place to start would be with a bucket list. I'm sure it will be ever growing as I see and have new ideas but here are a few things I want to do in my life.

1. Adopt. This is a subject that has been near to me for MANY years. In fact I believe that it was the subject of one of the very first conversations E and I had when we first started dating. As long as I can remember I have wanted to be a part of something like that and I long to share the love that I have known by my heavenly father. 

2. Travel to Europe. I have been to England just once before and I was totally enchanted. I hope to get back there at least once more in my life. (and hopefully Ireland and maybe Germany)

3. Ride a Motorcycle. I'm half enthralled by the idea, half terrified. But it seems like one of those things that everyone should do in their lifetime! 

4. Become a "Real" Photographer. This is my passion and I hope one day to be able to make a career from it.

5. Own a Horse. This one is kind of a fluff dream. But it's something I have always wanted and hopefully one day if we have lots of space and lots of land I can talk my hubby into it!

This is just a start but hopefully over the years I will get to cross some of these things off and make new dreams and plans.

Do any of you have any different, fun or exciting goals?

5 things
1. Cooler Temperatures. I love the feel of summer as it's supposed to be. Not when it's hot enough to bake cookies in your car. :)
2.Snuggly little puppies. Or not puppies as the case may be, as she is actually almost 11 years old! I love when she is so sweet and wants to cuddle.
3. Unexpected blessings. Like a free car detailing. Now my car is super clean and I feel super blessed.
4.Friends who cover me in prayer. I hope I never take for granted the amazing people that God has surrounded me with.
5.Serving. I know it seems backward but it really is a blessing when I get to be God's hands and feet for others. It's amazingly blessing. 



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Tastiest Hobby

Hey there, has anyone seen my coffee? *crickets* anyone? I am in dire need this morning. 

     I'm one sleepy girl this morning, and with good cause I was out partying *ahem* babysitting last night till way past my bed time (We're not going to mention that my bedtime is normally around 9:30. That's beside the point)
     However I count it totally worth it. I love hanging with the munchkins. I watched Mr. Oliver last night and let me tell you, if I could have bottled his energy last night I woulnd't have a need for coffee! He was wound tight and having WAY too much fun.
     Regardless of how tired I am, I'm having a pretty stinking awesome day. First off, it's PAY DAY! :) Second, I am feeling pretty snazzy in my spunky rolled up blazer and my jeans, Thirdly, E found out yesterday that a friend has invited us to a Cardinals game next Tuesday! We haven't been yet this summer (or last summer as a matter of fact) and from what Ethan has told me they are really great seats too! Now the real question is can I get away with wearing the only piece of Cardinals gear I have? It's a Pujols Jersey.... You think I'll get booted out of the park? Eh...
     So something I don't always mention much on here is cooking. I sure love to do it, but I just never seem to get pictures of my recipes to post. Mostly because I view cooking as a full contact sport and am always up to my ears in a mess! Oh and I don't really have any original recipes an I fell like kind of weird posting a full out "tutorial" if it's not my recipe... you thoughts on that one? Is it cool to just document your expierence even if it's not an original recipe? Regardless of what you are cooking I have come across 3 things this week that will ALWAYS make cooking more fun!

1. Fresh Food. Real Fresh from the Garden Goodness!
 My Lovely mother in-law and Grandma have been busy, busy this summer growing all kinds of yummy fruits and veggies and we have reaped the benefits of it!

2. A cute new apron! My amazing sister gave me this adorable Vera Bradly apron as a late Christmas present. Pardon the lived in kitchen/laundry room/pantry we do what we can! :) 

3. Interesting Twists, like these purple pancakes! Ethan's question when he saw them was "Did you mean to make them like that?" Well I didn't mean for them to turn totally purple, but I was putting berries in them so it was to be expected! I also expected them to be totally yummy, and they were.
     Maybe in the future I'll brave the kitchen with my camera more often and come up at least with some fun pictures for you guys! Actually I have a baking project this weekend for a baby shower! I'll try and get that whole process documented!

Another quick question for you guys, anyone out there been having trouble with Instagram this week? I haven't been able to get a picture loaded since last Friday! :S Not sure what's up with that.

 Hope you guys are having a fabulous Wednesday and that You're cooking up something exciting as well! 

~~~~ And Now for something Completely different ~~~~


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mail and Drive Ins and Neighbors

Happy Tuesday All!

     Did you miss me? I had a whirl wind weekend! My mom was just commenting this morning that it has been nearly three days since I have called her! (and that never happens) 
     When we last left off I was wrapping up the work week, and getting pumped to babysit on Friday. First off I know I have mentioned this before, but babysitting and playing with the tiny humans... it just makes my heart happy! 
     Saturday I got my hiney in gear and after a quick trip to the gym I hurried home to get my mug swap package in the mail! I have some supe cute pictures... but I am going tohold off on posting them until I get my mug in the mail and then I'll do a big DOUBLE REVEAL! :) I am so excited to show you what cute, thrifty, craftiness that I whipped up! My big highlight of the day however was that "surprise date" I had planned for E! (since he is a spoil sport and doesn't trust my surprises I ended up telling him about it on Thursday.)

It was a drive in movie night! I had caught wind of a drive in theater about 40 minutes from us, and I couldn't let the summer end with out one of my favorite traditions!
Our Grand Adventure to Clark 54!

 It was a beautiful drive on a beautiful night. Right at that "golden hour" that I love so much!

 It really wasn't too far of a drive either, though it was made a few minutes longer by a GPS that was conspiring against us! (Ethan got a bit frustrated with it and threatened to chuck it out the window!)

We made it safe and sound and happy! Thanks to the prospects of snacks, movies and snuggles under the stars!
We found just the right spot, and started setting up camp with our blanket on the bed cover! (yes, my shoes still don't match... holding out just a few more weeks)

 I had just run to the store to stock up on snacks and goodies for both of us! Nothing completes the night like a good batch of snacks!

We settled in under a starry sky and perfect temperatures for what has to be one of my favorite dates so far! I'm hoping we might get to go back just once more before the weather cools off this fall! 

     Then on Sunday we continued my favorite tradition of hanging out with The Bradshaws! These lovely people are from our small group and we find ourselves spending quite a bit of time with them on the weekends. God really has blessed us with some awesome friends.
     Sunday evening brought fresh food, smoked wild hog, sweet treats and lots of laughs! 
He's a Grilling Machine. The Chef on Fire if you will
I don't know see how we had fun before we met these sweet people! Also part of the Sunday fun, we started some last minute whirlwind plans for a baby shower for a sweet friend of ours! I say whirlwind because the baby is due very very soon so we had to get plans in motion this week for a shower next week! I am very excited about all the fun craftiness that I have in store this week as I get ready! Be on the look out next week for pictures of the shower!

As if two whole days of fun like that weren't enough E and I continued the weekend party into yesterday when we invited our neighbors over from the other side of the duplex for supper! It was enough to make me say, "why have we not had them over sooner!" A yummy supper and great friends! 
We are so very blessed!

So how about you? Did you have any crazy, adventurous, out of the ordinary adventures this weekend? 
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