Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby Showers and the "Lucky Gene"

Happy Monday my friends. 
I hope you had an amazing weekend like I did. I love when life is busy yet normal. You know, filled with normal everyday things but bursting at the seams with fun and laughter and joy? Yep, those are the ones and my beautiful weekend was full of days like that.
     First, I adore date nights with E. When we were in college we had to "go out" to get time together and once we got married we have thoroughly enjoyed our evenings in, but once in a while it is such a nice change of pace to go out again. We hit up our old favorite pizza joint in Quincy and split our traditional small ham pizza with queso dip and two waters! Ha ha we can always order before we even get to the table. Since Gem City Pizza is right across the street from a TCBY we HAD to get frozen yogurt. (even though we always seem to be stuffed to the gills after pizza) It really was just a sweet, simple yet spectacular night. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, the music on the radio was perfect and we had the time of our lives on just a simple date. That my friends is what I love about life with that boy. 
     Then on Saturday I spent the whole day being "suzie homemaker". Which I love doing! IF i could stay home all day and just putz around my house, cleaning and cooking and craft-y-ing I would be one happy little clam. I finished up an afghan I had been working on and some decorations for the shower the next day all the while watching waaay too much Switched at Birth. (Who would have thought sweet little April Nardini from Gilmore girls could be such a spicy sassy teenager named Bay)
     Think I have a small addiction to ABC Family shows. I just like the fluff/fun to drama ratio. Since I had finished Make it or Break it some time ago I needed a new show and I systematically worked my way through all of the Switched at Birth episodes. Though I was so sad to get to the end I am excited to know come September there will be new episodes! 
     AAANyway back to Saturday I spent the second half of my day constructing the "wonder cake" It really was a simple white cake, with Strawberry filling. But smart me, I decided to try out a new recipe for frosting which A) didn't yield enough to cover the cake, let alone decorate it like I have big plans to do, and B) was a total flop in the consistency department. Anyway I did my best and that stinker of a cake was lucky it tasted good... that was it's only redeeming quality! :P 
     I wasn't going to be deterred however, I had a shower to throw on Sunday and I was going to have a blast doing it! So on Sunday I got my happy self and all my decorations ready and headed over to Mrs. Bradshaw's house to set up!

The little quilted afghan I made for Little Miss Evelyn. 

 Then the decorations were all hand made by Mallory and I. We had such a good time making all the little pendants and poofs and tassles!
 Also this is what happens when I get so wrapped up in the fun. I forget to shoot in  manual! :P

 The beautiful Momma of Honor Julie opening gifts! Just what she needed, lots of diapers!
 Miss Grace rather enjoyed the party from under the coffee table watching a movie on her smart phone!

 We all had such a great time. Nothing too cliche' and no baby games, just lovely ladies from our church, having a  blast eating and chatting and opening presents! I'm so thankful for all these ladies! 

LASTLY I found out today that my dad's lucky "winning gene" that I inherited has struck again! I won a contest over at Blossom and Vine! I am so excited to pick a few things out from Aly's etsy store!
     See? It's Official! Head over here to Her Blossom and Vine store and check out some of her adorable wall art and help me figure out just which cute thing I want!  


  1. I love that quilt! You are so good at that stuff :-) Congrats on winning, there are so many cute options!

    1. Thanks! I had a lot of fun making it! Plus its always nice when something turns out pretty much exactly like I wanted!


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