Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bucket List

Happy Friday Eve!
     Can you believe that the week is almost over? Can you believe that the SUMMER is almost over? This morning my baby brother started his senior year of high school. It doesn't even seem possible. It was just yesterday mom was dragging our sorry butts out of bed so we could gather around the kitchen table and make faces at each other, poke and prod, and crack up do school work. Now look at us. All grown up and taking on the world... whatever that means. :P
     With all this reminiscing and remembering I have been forced to think about the future quite a bit in the last week. Making real grown up plans aren't near as fun so I find my self rabbit trailing into stuff I really want to do with my life. I figure a great place to start would be with a bucket list. I'm sure it will be ever growing as I see and have new ideas but here are a few things I want to do in my life.

1. Adopt. This is a subject that has been near to me for MANY years. In fact I believe that it was the subject of one of the very first conversations E and I had when we first started dating. As long as I can remember I have wanted to be a part of something like that and I long to share the love that I have known by my heavenly father. 

2. Travel to Europe. I have been to England just once before and I was totally enchanted. I hope to get back there at least once more in my life. (and hopefully Ireland and maybe Germany)

3. Ride a Motorcycle. I'm half enthralled by the idea, half terrified. But it seems like one of those things that everyone should do in their lifetime! 

4. Become a "Real" Photographer. This is my passion and I hope one day to be able to make a career from it.

5. Own a Horse. This one is kind of a fluff dream. But it's something I have always wanted and hopefully one day if we have lots of space and lots of land I can talk my hubby into it!

This is just a start but hopefully over the years I will get to cross some of these things off and make new dreams and plans.

Do any of you have any different, fun or exciting goals?

5 things
1. Cooler Temperatures. I love the feel of summer as it's supposed to be. Not when it's hot enough to bake cookies in your car. :)
2.Snuggly little puppies. Or not puppies as the case may be, as she is actually almost 11 years old! I love when she is so sweet and wants to cuddle.
3. Unexpected blessings. Like a free car detailing. Now my car is super clean and I feel super blessed.
4.Friends who cover me in prayer. I hope I never take for granted the amazing people that God has surrounded me with.
5.Serving. I know it seems backward but it really is a blessing when I get to be God's hands and feet for others. It's amazingly blessing. 



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