Tuesday, August 21, 2012

By Love

Tuesday is here! I am so pumped for today, and I'll let you know why in just a bit, but before I get ahead of my self...
     Have you ever had those days/weeks/months where you feel like the Tasmanian devil? You know, when you are just a spinning blur, bouncing about, things flying everywhere, so busy and crazy that your tongue is hanging out of your mouth (Ok, maybe not that last part) but it seems like you always have something to be doing? Not that any of the things you are doing are bad or wrong but you are just always busy. It's enough to make you want to pause and ask, "why". Why am I so busy? What are my motives. Where can I find some peace? 
     During the sermon on Sunday, something kind of clicked for me. Whit all this busy-ness and doing what am I really doing? What am I hear for. Yes, it's a rather big, nebulous question but really it all goes back to who I am, or rather whose I am. You see, for such a big question, the question is rather small and yet not small at all. Something that once I really GOT it, brought me immense peace. LOVE. Not in the cliche, overly gooey way, rather a Father, King, Creator kind of way. In a way that we were created and set apart. Formed by God's very hands and have God's very breath breathed into us. We were created by such an immense love that our only purpose could be is for us to love. 
     Not to over simplify it, but when all of everything seems to be spinning crazy, and I am wildly questioning what I am doing, where I am going and what God's will is, it's amazing to me to pause and realize my purpose here is to LOVE. As Christ loved me. The one phrase that has stuck with me for a long time has been "Light of Eternity" from a Song by Matthew West.

     As in when I am doing and going and busy, what is my reason behind it all, how does it compare to the big picture of God's plan? I'm not saying I am about to pitch all my extracurricular out the window, but I do want to be more considerate of what I do... how it impacts others... what it does for the kingdom. In this I find peace. 
     God hasn't called me to fill my days and hours. God hasn't called me to compete against others and be "better than" anyone. I am called to love. That might take many different forms but what I am here to do is Love My God and Love others around me. It's kind of refreshing to look down at my to-do list and see one thing. Those are my deep ponderings for today.
    On to why I am so excited for today. Because in just a few hours I will be hitting the road with my man and we will be heading out to the ballpark! I have yet to get to a Cardinals game this summer so I am completely stoked. We are just praying it doesn't turn out like the 19 inning game the other night! Yep. The weather is beautiful so buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks... and maybe some nachos! It's going to be amazing and there will be pictures coming in the next couple days. Also pray for me, I have decided to wear my Pujols jersey! He he It's going to be a night to remember. 

It's just a normal Tuesday night but do you have any exciting plans? Or will you have a quiet night in?      

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