Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eat Mor Chikin

Happy National Chick-Fil-A day! 
     Since I don't live near enough to go eat at a Chick-Fil-A I had to show my support somehow. It was either blog about it or dress Bailey as a cow and she was not a fan of that idea. :)
     Seriously though have you seen the pictures and the media buzz? People are showing up in droves to support and eat chikin! I think it's amazing, now if we can just get these people to all show up in November to have a say about who we vote into office for the next 4 years. Maybe we should bribe them? Can we offer free Chick-fil-a at the polling places? That might just "stimulate the economy"! Ok, ok enough of the cows. 
     How are you today? Has anyone told you that you fantastic? Because you are. All of you and I am so thankful for each and every one of you.
     I am going to try another different format today. Kind of like yesterday but not. I just like the idea of getting to know you better. I love when the bloggers that I read share a little more about themselves. I feel like we really are friends. Today's post is in the format of a list. If you don't know it already I am a list maker. So this makes me very happy. 
So away we go...

I don't make my bed everyday
I don't love to fact I kind of dislike it
I don't always remember to brush my teeth everyday and...
I don't remember to floss often enough
I don't have as deep of a spiritual walk as I would like
I don't wear shoes often (I prefer socks)
I don't love to do laundry (let's just BUY clean clothes) 
I don't always think before I speak
I don't work out (currently)
I don't always wake up in the best mood
I don't enjoy scary movies
I don't handle sugar well
I don't keep my house as clean as I would like 

I do love my Jesus with all of my heart
 I do love to read and learn
I do make supper (almost) every night
I do tell my hubby I love him every day
I do try to have a consistent quiet time
I do love to laugh
I do dance to any music (even if it's in my head)
I do love to sit cross legged or on my feet (thank you mom and Grandma)
I do love to make others laugh and feel special
I do love to garden and watch things grow
I do try give thanks everyday for this beautiful life

I was inspired by a blog post that I read yesterday, about freedom from insecurity. She put it much more gracefully than I but I loved that she was so completely open and honest. Yes, this may be a list of what I do and don't do but you know what? My God loves me and that's what defines me. Not where I go, what I do or even how well I do it. I am a daughter of the King and that is where I find my security. While I may try to better myself, and my life by remembering to do all things as though working for the Lord I also remember that I serve a loveing, forgiving and merciful God that loves me, claims me and had adopted me just as I am. I may fall short and I might forget to brush my teeth but I do my best and His love covers the rest.

Ah Ha! I found it! Now I remember where I first saw this. This post was inspired by Aly over at The Mommy Diaries  If you get a chance you should check her out, this gal is beautiful inside and out.    
     2 days in a row now of getting to know you! Or me rather! I hope that you are enjoying it and that you'll stick around. Also I am hoping tomorrow or Friday to fill you guys in on a little project that I have been working on, a little endeavor if you will. I'm rather excited about it and would love your opinions on it!
     Have a GREAT Wednesday afternoon my friends! Remember the rest of the week is downhill from here!  

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