Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Forever a Student

Hello there my friends, 

     How has your Tuesday been so far? Mine has been wonderfully simple and sweet! First I have been renewing my love of coffee this morning along with some pumpkin bunt cake. Fall can't come soon enough! Also I received my mug from the mug swap in the mail! It came all the way from Texas from Kristi over at Pineapples and Sunshine
Here is a sneak peek at my adorable mug and stay tuned for more with my whole mug post next week, on what I sent and what I received!  
      So today is the first day of classes across the street at good ole HLG (it's also the 5th anniversary of meeting my darling hubby) But it has me thinking, this is the second year that I won't be going back to school or having that memorable "first day" experience. Truth be told that kind of made me sad. As glad that I was to graduate college, two year later I must say I really kind of miss it. I think it's just in my nature to enjoy learning and if you ask anyone around me I am the kind of gal that loves to read, I jump on Google at the slightest whim just to find out things that I don't know and I could lose myself for hours in documentaries. All of those things have kept me learning since I have graduated but thanks to a dear friend I have another new resource to keep learning!
                                             It's called "How Stuff Works"!  

Now I know that I have heard of this place before but till now I hadn't really looked into all it has to offer! Their website is full of list, quizzes, articles and podcasts. My current favorite is "Stuff You Missed in History Class" These podcasts are about 20-30 minutes long and and each episode centers around one subject from Jack the Ripper to the Titanic.
     I have found that even if I think I know these subjects there is always something new to learn. It has kept me entertained and educated theses last couple weeks and I'm sure will keep me as such for weeks to come! If you like to learn check it out! 


  1. Oh awesome that the mug + chocolates got to you okay! Hope you enjoy it while writing your cute blog : )

    1. I was SO excited when I got home for lunch and I had a cute little package waiting for me! How did you know that I LOVE Dove chocolate? ;) Also you are the second person to send me something that Washi Tape on it. Now I really have to get some! I am enjoying chai tea from my mug at my desk as we speak.


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