Friday, August 10, 2012

High 5 for Friday

Hello once again my friends, 

     I hope that you are excited and have made some super awesome weekend plans! I know I have. But for now they are a surprise so I shall fill you in on that a bit later! As for tonight I have a date with the sweetest little blond gal. That's right I am babysitting yet again and I am super stoked to have had 3 babysitting gigs in the last month. I know it's not a huge income but at this point every little bit helps! 
     This week my High 5 is going to look just a bit different. It's not highlights from the week. Rather it's my list (have I mentioned that I am a list maker?) of what I would like to do tomorrow morning before I come into work for a few hours. 
     Here's the back story. I am a girl that LOVES her accessories and sometimes I think that my addiction *ahem* love for them gets a bit out of hand. Especially when I am desperately trying to find just the right hat/scarf/earrings/shoes in the dark in the mornings! Thus I have decided I am tired of the heap of stuff sitting at the end of my dresser and I am going to do something about it. 
     Step one is going to be laying it pulling all my lovely accessories out and sorting them and getting rid of anything that I don't totally love and/or wear on a regular basis. But that is the boring part you didn't want to hear about that. The fun part comes when I start the organizing and the DIY-ing!
     So I popped over to pinterest to gather a few idea as to how I want to organize each of these areas in and around my closet.  My biggest goal is to reorganize since the system I have isn't exactly working and maybe try a few different arrangements. So I have a couple options for each need.

1. Scarves
I'm not sure when this love for scarves came about but I do recall a specific time last winter when I thought 'Hey I should get some cute scarves' then I went to my closet and realized 'Woah, I have about 20 already!' 
Currently they are hanging half on a hanger and some are even lying in the floor of my closet I am ashamed to say. So lets change that!
The Idea on the right is pretty self explanatory, and actually very similar to what I have been doing and it always seems like all the scarves are slipping to one end or the other and then falling off. If I go with this option I might hot glue each ring to the hanger bar? Maybe? 
The second option, on the left is a similar idea but it's just the rings all latched together!
Like this. Then you just alternate the way you hang the scarves with the short ones on the bottom and the longer ones on top. Honestly this seems like the fast cheap and easy option. I'll wait and see which one seems to work better for me! 

Next 2,3 and 4 are all jewelry but they are each their own element so they get their own number!

2. Necklaces
          For these I have decided they really need to be hanging and not laying. far too many times I have gone out necklaceless in the face of tangled necklace defeat. The option on the left could be accomplished fairly easily with a) nails in the wall (not too cute in my opinion) or actually cute cabinet handles screwed into the wall. Which I actually have some. However I think I like the functionality of the right hand option since they could slide on the rack and thus making it easier to sort through. That may be the winner but I'll have to check into the price. 

3. Dangley Earrings
Also a collection that I am not quite sure how I acquired quite so many but I have tons! 


 For this one I pretty much know what I am planning on doing. Take a frame (which I already have) and put either fabric or screen on the back of it to hang the earrings from. Again I haven't decided if I want to use the Muslin I already have or have my hubby bring home some screening from his work. I'll just have to make up my mind!

4. Stud Earrings
I have a couple options here. First I guess I have to decide if I want to leave these on top of my dresser or if I want to tuck them in my top drawer. 

 Because in my humble opinion those ice trays while handy to sort, are not the classiest thing to have sitting out on the dresser! But I do have some already and would save some $$ not having to buy anything!
However both of the other options are so cute! Either a collection of tiny ceramic bowls or that cake stand idea would work really well as just  place to set earrings! 
 5. Shoes
Boy if there is any of these that need to be sorted and gone through the worst its my shoes! I am a shoe hoarder. Not on purpose though, I think I just hang on to ALL my shoes and I always like to buy more! Ha ha I have tons!

 Truthfully this is the one area that I don't have a solid idea of what I am going to do. I feel like all of these is a little more than a one morning project and probably a bit more money too. Currently all my shoes reside in a lundry basket at the bottom of my closet. ...and.... a few of them that have escaped to the floor! ;) I like the idea of the shelves (bottom left) the best, but I have NO idea where I would get those or how much they would cost. Also the box (top right) seems like a decent option but I don't know where I would get a wine box like that. Most likely I'll end up just purging my shoes and tossing them back in the basket for now. At least I have good intention right? 

Well that's about all the organizing I have time for at the moment and probably more than I'll have time for in the morning but... Only tomorrow will tell just how "organized" I can really be! Hopefully it will all turn out well and I'll have pictures for you over the weekend!

I hope you have a great weekend and best of luck on your own organizing adventures!

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  1. I, too, am an accessory lover!! I love scarves and my faves are probably jackets. Do those even count? I have more jackets than I do jeans! Hhahah.

    Found ya through the #H54F Link Up!


    1. Falen, thanks for popping over! Ha ha and actually my biggest accessory collection isn't discussed here... *whispers* I am a huge cardigan hoarder!* But I just LOVE 'em! I have so many it's not sunny but they aren't quite as hard to organize since they go right on the hanger :P But I definitely have more cardigans than jeans!

  2. Lol, I totally get the shoe thing. I'm the same way. When we were moving out of our apartment, I realized I had 40 pairs! I reduced them down to a respectable 20, but I've since acquired a few more...

    1. No kidding, I HAVE to clear them out every so often or I would be buried alive by them.


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