Friday, August 17, 2012

High Five for Friday

Gooooood Morning World! 

How are you all doing on this lovely Friday Morning? I hope you are doing amazingly well especially if the weather is even half as lovely as it is here! It's been a fantastic week here and I am just loving this mild weather... although it does make me pine for fall and sweaters and chai tea and crunchy leaves! Those will be here soon enough right? :) 

So here is my high five!

This was actually last Saturday but it's too cute not to share! I went to go buy stamps and A) The postal service is nearly committing highway robbery with stamp prices but... B) They make up for it with these adorable faces all over them!

Holy Purple Pancakes Batman! I got a wild hair the other day and decided to make pancakes... then I decided that blueberry pancakes sounded even better, then I looked in the freezer and say raspberries and blackberries too and went for the gold with wholewheat triple berry pancakes! 

 This new study in Proverbs with #SheReadsTruth has been SO good this week. I have enjoyed so much digging into it and seeing what other ladies have gotten out of it as well!

 Wednesday was casual day at work so I rocked the denim with my preppy little blazer. It's a good day when you look cute and you feel cute all at the same time!
  Lastly this cute little guy and his stone brother have FINALLY taken up residence in my garden! I actually inherited these cuties from my grandma almost 4 years ago but they were living at my parents house till I got a place of my own... and then till I remembered to retrieve them! I just love them and the splash of adorable they lend to my front porch! 

So that's 5 of my favorite things this week.
 How about you? Cooking anything yummy, wearing anything preppy? ;) I hope you have a great weekend my friends! 
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  1. So I got an awesome package in the mail ;) Will be sending it on its merry little way come Monday morning!

    1. YAY! I was just wondering about that this morning! I'm so glad it made it's way safely. I was/am very excited about that little package!


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