Friday, August 3, 2012

High5 for Friday

Good Morning!

     It's that time of the week again, that's right, the end! The best part! (Wow lots of exclamations points this morning... I'll dial it back a bit) :) Truth be told I am glad it's the weekend, but it's been a pretty suburb week. 
  So here is my High5

     1. I got to BABYSIT. I love it! Fun, snacks, imagination, Nick Jr. What else could a girl ask for? This lovely little lady and I had the best evening on Wednesday.
     2. Kaldi's... Some of the BEST coffee I have ever had. Today, on my way home. I have a date with some delicioso coffee goodness.
     3. The Olympics. This week really kicked off the Olympics and I have been having a blast. I'm sure much like the rest of the country, my favorites are swimming and gymnastics. All four of these US teams have done SO well this week! I makes me so proud to be American and cheer them on.
     4. #SheReadsTruth It's been a great week wrapping up the Prayer study. Between this study and the new Soul Detox that I started this week I feel like I'm starting to see the tip of the iceberg of what God's trying to tech me right now. It makes me excited to dig deeper and really keep getting into the word!
     5. This lovely gift came in the mail, purchased with BirchBox points it was free! :) Also I have decided this is the perfect polish for me. First of all I painted my nails on Monday and I am still chip free 5 days later. Also that color, It's just me, Light and kind of dusty, not too flashy. Slightly unexpected with the green/grey/teal tone. It goes with just about anything, but it says I care enough to finish off my look. (didn't know you could analyze nail polish like that did you?)  

Top all that off with our Fair Date last night (motocross, funnel cake and corn dogs! Yum) and a road trip tonight to see my gals, it doesn't get much better than this.
       Thank you Jesus for this amazing one life I get to live!    

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