Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mail and Drive Ins and Neighbors

Happy Tuesday All!

     Did you miss me? I had a whirl wind weekend! My mom was just commenting this morning that it has been nearly three days since I have called her! (and that never happens) 
     When we last left off I was wrapping up the work week, and getting pumped to babysit on Friday. First off I know I have mentioned this before, but babysitting and playing with the tiny humans... it just makes my heart happy! 
     Saturday I got my hiney in gear and after a quick trip to the gym I hurried home to get my mug swap package in the mail! I have some supe cute pictures... but I am going tohold off on posting them until I get my mug in the mail and then I'll do a big DOUBLE REVEAL! :) I am so excited to show you what cute, thrifty, craftiness that I whipped up! My big highlight of the day however was that "surprise date" I had planned for E! (since he is a spoil sport and doesn't trust my surprises I ended up telling him about it on Thursday.)

It was a drive in movie night! I had caught wind of a drive in theater about 40 minutes from us, and I couldn't let the summer end with out one of my favorite traditions!
Our Grand Adventure to Clark 54!

 It was a beautiful drive on a beautiful night. Right at that "golden hour" that I love so much!

 It really wasn't too far of a drive either, though it was made a few minutes longer by a GPS that was conspiring against us! (Ethan got a bit frustrated with it and threatened to chuck it out the window!)

We made it safe and sound and happy! Thanks to the prospects of snacks, movies and snuggles under the stars!
We found just the right spot, and started setting up camp with our blanket on the bed cover! (yes, my shoes still don't match... holding out just a few more weeks)

 I had just run to the store to stock up on snacks and goodies for both of us! Nothing completes the night like a good batch of snacks!

We settled in under a starry sky and perfect temperatures for what has to be one of my favorite dates so far! I'm hoping we might get to go back just once more before the weather cools off this fall! 

     Then on Sunday we continued my favorite tradition of hanging out with The Bradshaws! These lovely people are from our small group and we find ourselves spending quite a bit of time with them on the weekends. God really has blessed us with some awesome friends.
     Sunday evening brought fresh food, smoked wild hog, sweet treats and lots of laughs! 
He's a Grilling Machine. The Chef on Fire if you will
I don't know see how we had fun before we met these sweet people! Also part of the Sunday fun, we started some last minute whirlwind plans for a baby shower for a sweet friend of ours! I say whirlwind because the baby is due very very soon so we had to get plans in motion this week for a shower next week! I am very excited about all the fun craftiness that I have in store this week as I get ready! Be on the look out next week for pictures of the shower!

As if two whole days of fun like that weren't enough E and I continued the weekend party into yesterday when we invited our neighbors over from the other side of the duplex for supper! It was enough to make me say, "why have we not had them over sooner!" A yummy supper and great friends! 
We are so very blessed!

So how about you? Did you have any crazy, adventurous, out of the ordinary adventures this weekend? 


  1. How fun!! We are really hoping to get plugged in with a small group at our church this fall (it stinks they don't have anything going on now). So I can't wait to meet new people and have people over. :] I'm yearning for some friendships...as I haven't hung out with friends since December. :( Bloggie friends will work, though! I love your posts!

    1. I gotcha there, it seemed like most of the first year it was just him and I, but then in the last 6 months here it's been wonderful. God has brought friends out of the woodwork! I'll be praying that God sends you some peeps quick like! Support and fellowship can be so important even in just mental well being. I'm so glad like my stuff, most of it's just stuff from my head just floating around in there!


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