Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Soundtrack

Happy Wednesday Ya'll. 
     It seems to just be one of those weeks. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary but I just have some pep in my step. E has even commented that I seem to be rather goofy. I really can't put a finger on why I'm just having a good week! I hope your week has been just as good.
     So.... It HAS begun. I know the high is still supposed to be 95 degrees, I don't care change is coming. FALL! It's going to be here soon and I am so excited. I think I get more excited about Fall than any other season. I don't know why, I just DO. Cooler temps (but not too cool), sweaters, scarves, hot tea and chai. MMMmmmmm :) It all started yesterday when I had a bite of pumpkin crumb pound cake, one bite and I was done for. fall fever is here in full force. I even went home and made snickerdoodles. I just needed to have cinnamon! Ha Ha I'm sure this isn't the last you'll hear from me on this subject. 
     As you all know I love my music. I admit it I am a music nerd. At any given moment, I have any number of songs running through my head and it seems like good new music ebbs and flows, I can go a couple months without anything that really strikes my fancy and then all at once there are 6 new albums that I really LOVE! This morning really got me pumping, one of my favorite artists Toby Mac was on the air, in the studio for an hour talking about his newest album. So I humbly present to you;
Lydia's Fall 2012 Soundtrack/Wishlist

I'll start with Mr. Mac since he has been so busy this week. He was on GMA earlier this week with the Lovely Mandisa. Then he was on air just this morning at JoyFM. His newest album "Eye On It" released yesterday, topping out at #1 on the iTunes download charts! 
My love for this album all started here...

Next is the a new album by Kari Job. Yes this album came out back in January but it wasn't until recently I heard this song

and realized that I really feel the need to own "Where I Find You

This is another one that I am a bit late to the party on, but Josh Wilson released See You early last year. It wasn't until I found this song that I really began to appreciate his sound and style. One day I will own this album if only for this song (which is completely ridiculous since he has so many awesome songs on this project)

 Lastly is a lovely gal that I have really liked for some time but have never really looked into. I have heard lots from Britt Nicole in the last few years but when a friend of mine passed me a mix with this song  it made me stop and listen.

Right then she was speaking to me. This song was me and I had to go track down the rest of her music "RIGHT NOW" :) Her newest Album "Gold" just came out back in March and I have found that this is one of those great albums that every single song just speaks to me.
These are just a few that I am really loving right now. I find that my taste is an interesting mix anywhere from mellow and soothing to fun, peppy and poppy. From time to time I even dig the rock sound. (Though you will hardly ever hear me listening to scream-o, to each his own and that is definitely not my own.) 

I am always in search of fun new music, so what are you listening to you these days?



  1. Fall Fever must be contagious! I made the best Spicy Banana muffins this week! Nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, & cranberries!

    1. Yeah I went home and made snickerdoodles the other day. I was just craving cinnamon! I am holding out on my wall flowers though, I want to see if I can make my summer scents last just a little longer. Though after labor day on Mon I may just have to change them... and make some pumpkin muffins!

  2. I love that Toby Mac song. I always have to dance to it when we are in the car. :-) (I don't dance to it if I'm in the car alone for fear of being pulled over for psychotic behavior)

    1. Ha ha YES! I dance to that song all the time! Even when I am in the car by myself, I love it. Also I have been listening to his whole album that came out on Tuesday... I'm going to have to buy it! LOVE ALL THE SONGS! :) BTW Mandisa? that girl is amazing! I have had that album since it came out last year and I have just about worn it OUT. Good Morning was my first hook from the album, I was singing it all day for days on end. To the point that I had Ethan hooked before he had actually heard the song!

  3. OH! Also, what do you think about Mandisa's good morning song? I downloaded it this morning!

    1. PS Ever since you told me that you liked that Josh Wilson song, whenever I hear it I it makes me think of you. Just thought you should know. :)


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