Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Tastiest Hobby

Hey there, has anyone seen my coffee? *crickets* anyone? I am in dire need this morning. 

     I'm one sleepy girl this morning, and with good cause I was out partying *ahem* babysitting last night till way past my bed time (We're not going to mention that my bedtime is normally around 9:30. That's beside the point)
     However I count it totally worth it. I love hanging with the munchkins. I watched Mr. Oliver last night and let me tell you, if I could have bottled his energy last night I woulnd't have a need for coffee! He was wound tight and having WAY too much fun.
     Regardless of how tired I am, I'm having a pretty stinking awesome day. First off, it's PAY DAY! :) Second, I am feeling pretty snazzy in my spunky rolled up blazer and my jeans, Thirdly, E found out yesterday that a friend has invited us to a Cardinals game next Tuesday! We haven't been yet this summer (or last summer as a matter of fact) and from what Ethan has told me they are really great seats too! Now the real question is can I get away with wearing the only piece of Cardinals gear I have? It's a Pujols Jersey.... You think I'll get booted out of the park? Eh...
     So something I don't always mention much on here is cooking. I sure love to do it, but I just never seem to get pictures of my recipes to post. Mostly because I view cooking as a full contact sport and am always up to my ears in a mess! Oh and I don't really have any original recipes an I fell like kind of weird posting a full out "tutorial" if it's not my recipe... you thoughts on that one? Is it cool to just document your expierence even if it's not an original recipe? Regardless of what you are cooking I have come across 3 things this week that will ALWAYS make cooking more fun!

1. Fresh Food. Real Fresh from the Garden Goodness!
 My Lovely mother in-law and Grandma have been busy, busy this summer growing all kinds of yummy fruits and veggies and we have reaped the benefits of it!

2. A cute new apron! My amazing sister gave me this adorable Vera Bradly apron as a late Christmas present. Pardon the lived in kitchen/laundry room/pantry we do what we can! :) 

3. Interesting Twists, like these purple pancakes! Ethan's question when he saw them was "Did you mean to make them like that?" Well I didn't mean for them to turn totally purple, but I was putting berries in them so it was to be expected! I also expected them to be totally yummy, and they were.
     Maybe in the future I'll brave the kitchen with my camera more often and come up at least with some fun pictures for you guys! Actually I have a baking project this weekend for a baby shower! I'll try and get that whole process documented!

Another quick question for you guys, anyone out there been having trouble with Instagram this week? I haven't been able to get a picture loaded since last Friday! :S Not sure what's up with that.

 Hope you guys are having a fabulous Wednesday and that You're cooking up something exciting as well! 

~~~~ And Now for something Completely different ~~~~


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