Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Hello Friend, 
     I hope you are awake and alive on this Wednesday. I am certainly fighting to be awake today. Yesterday afternoon was a blast, but man, we were up SO late! 

     I am of the opinion that there is no better way to start an afternoon than by playing hookie! I cut out of work a bit early and met E for a late lunch before we hit the road. I was rather sad to leave the little lady in her cage all evening but they don't allow fur people into Busch Stadium. 
     We headed south to St. Peters to meet up with E's college roommate Matt and his sweet girlfriend Sammi Jo. E and I hadn't met Sammi Jo before and we both just fell in love with this sweet girl that Matt had managed to snag. I'd never really thought before about what Matt's "type" was but this gal suits him to a T! 
     Due to a slight laundry error (think favorite cardinals shirt/chap stick/dryer/grease stains/hurriedly trying to fix catastrophe) we got to the stadium RIGHT before the game started. Needless to say none of us had eaten supper, so we opted for stadium food.... That's a mistake I'll never make again. You'd think the burger and fries were made of GOLD for what we paid for them. Jinkies! I'd say they were just under dollar store quality. But the experience is half the fun anyway.
My hair was almost long enough to cover Pujols and save me from ridicule, but not quite. I'm not ashamed, I love Albert and his sweet family, but I was unsure of the reception of my jersey at the stadium!

Raise your hand if you claim to be a photographer and yet forget the camera at home, to be left with only a phone camera that promptly dies as you reach the stadium? 
*Sheepishly Raises Hand*
At least I got one good shot of E and I cheesing it up in Sammi Jo's borrowed shades.  


     This was the last successful shot of the night before my phone called it quits. I should have known better. 

We had amazing seats, about 6 rows off of the 3rd base line. I don't think I have ever been that close to the field! Plus it was a great game, Adam Wainwright pitched an awesome no run game. The crowd was on their feet for his last three pitches, it made me so proud to be a part of Cardinal Nation. I'm sure everyone feels this way but St. Louis really does have the best fans.
     For a 7 o'clock game I was impressed that it was over by about 10 and we hit the road since we had almost 3 hours of travel left. Of course we had to pit stop and fuel up to stay awake for the drive and can I just say God Bless QT. Hands down my favorite gas station. 
     After the pit stop brought to you by QT we were on our way home and rolling into bed around 2. Thus the coffee dependance today. Totally worth it. All in all I would say it was a VERY successful date night! Perfect team, prefect weather, perfect company! Something I hope to repeat annually!  

So tell me who is your "home team" and have you been to a game recently? 
Personally I think it should be a summertime requirement!


  1. Can you believe Tennessee doesn't have a baseball team? So they root for the Braves. College football is the most popular sport here, it's really weird but we're getting used to it!

    1. Seriously? That's sad! I honestly don't know what I would do with out a baseball team, and football? Eh I never really got into it (honestly I don't really know all the rules) and I get bored after the first quarter!

  2. I've seen LOTS of people still wearing Pujols gear to games. :) I mean, he did play for YEARS! We are Cardinals fans, through and brother was kind enough to buy us a 5 game ticket pack and we've been to 4 already this summer! I LOVE going to the's gorgeous! :]

    1. I saw several people there last night with the good ole #5 so I didn't feel so alone. I mean I still support the guy, what he did/does for the city is amazing. He and his family are wonderful Christian people and I still wish the best for them. Can you say jealous? 5 game ticket pack? I would love to go more often, especially since this season hardly any of the games have been on broadcast TV to watch!


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