Friday, September 28, 2012

High 5 for Friday

'Ello Chums, 
How are you this fine Friday evening? Me? I am one tired and yet OH so satisfied girl. As I write this I am sharing my evening with two of my favorite short people.One furry the other not so much.

See? Totally cute, but not so much with the fur, though he does have a great head of hair! What a doll, and SO much fun to take pictures of, I've only been watching him for 2 and a half hours and already I have so many pictures. I can't imagine how bad I'll be when I have my own kids! 
     This has been a week for the record books. Something to go and do every night of the week. Not to mention meeting my dear Mallory every morning at the gym and then training my replacement at the dealership. Which by the way, I am officially done! To day was my last day at the dealership! 
     AS far as this week goes, I have been remiss in having the camera near by but I have some awesome hight lights.

1. Fishing trips with friends and family. Seriously One of my favorite weekend past times is visiting my in-laws and going on a fishing trip! A recent addition is taking our lovely friends the Bradshaw's with us! I even got my first bonfire of the season on Sunday night! 

2. Small Group. Boy, am I excited about small group this year, we have added a few new couples, relocated and it's just all around going to be a great new year with these amazing people.

3.Friends to do life with, two nights this week we have been blessed enough to spend the evening with sweet friends, weather it's pizza and stir fry with "What to Expect When You're Expecting" Or an all day smoked turkey and hilarious conversations, it's completely amazing to have friends to share this crazy life with. 

4.Change! It sure has been a week for it. A change in schedules, ending in a change in jobs! But I must say I have been totally blessed to work with some awesome people that have made me feel very loved and that I will be very missed now that I am gone. Though totally not on my diet today was filled with fantastic food as well! Birthday Cake Popcorn and a yummy goodbye cake!

5. Borrowed Tiny Humans. Yep you heard me right. I adore kids and I have as long as I can remember! However we're in no hurry to have too many tiny humans of our own running around just yet. That's where the neighbors come in. Shawn and Crystal are at a ball game tonight (Go CARDS) so E and I are watching our favorite Zeke man! He is a blast to have around, so talkative and energetic. I believe I told Ethan it's kind of like having a talking puppy! ;) 

I'm going to send him home saying "cheese"! 

Sorry I haven't been around more to share this awesome fun filled week, but what can I say? I've been living life! It's been totally worth it! 

(Also I love that A] I remember all the words to the Veggie Tales theme song and B] That vegetables can use cell phones!)


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Happy almost Wednesday my friends,
     Fall has officially begun and with it all the fall fun! I always thought that fall felt busy because of the "hop back into school and activities" schedule. However I am pretty sure that this time of year just naturally comes packed with fun, school or no school.
     Something I am most excited about that comes with this "routine" is getting back into the swing of things with our small group. When I first started coming to the group back in October last year it was just a few of us, then over the course of the year we exploded into "the mega group" and in time we settled and found our balance. In the year since we first began God has used these precious people in my life in ways that I hadn't even imagined. We have watched as God has done amazing things through our church family.
     Now here it is again. Fall and a new beginning. Where we all are isn't where we were a year ago. Some people have moved on and we have gained new people but one thing I do know for sure is that God is on the move in our church and in our small group and that if the last year is any example, big things are in store for all of us.
     A smart person I once knew said "Growth is good, anything less is...well bad". Now I know this may sound trite but if you think about it, it's also rather profound. On the one hand it is sad to think that people are moving on, but I have no doubt that God is using them is awesome ways. Then on the other hand it is exciting to know that God is growing and stretching us individually and as a group. Growth may not always be the most comfortable, there may be growing pains and getting used to being 6" taller but in the end it is ALWAYS worth it. 
     All this to say, small group, there is not a doubt in my mind that God is growing us and had BIG plans for us and that this time next year, when we look back and reminisce it will all be totally worth it! I love you guys and I love that God has brought us together for this season, to be and do life and grow along side one another! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The perfect night for a picnic

Good tidings! Guess what, it's officially FALL!! As of Saturday two things have happened. First off: My baby brother turned 21!! Holy COW I am getting OLD. Second: FALL CAME! 
In honor of fall the lovely hubby and I decided to take advantage of the weather and take a picnic in the park!

 Settling into the perfect picnic spot.
 She is VERY excited about having room to run.
 After a long day of work, who wants to pack a picnic, we got Subway instead. 
Yay for giant yummy salads.

 Artsy shot of the drink.
 She was surveying the vast savanna. 
 Picnic Pictures are the best. :)
 Oh MY!
 Toms. In the Tree
 From the perspective of an ant.
 The silhouette of an acorn... which my husband heard as silhouette of a unicorn. 
The view from Bailey's point of view. The mighty Huntress.

It was a perfectly beautiful fall evening spent with some of my absolute favorite people. I would do that again! 

How do you like to spend your free evenings?
We encourage Picnics!

Friday, September 21, 2012

High 5 for Friday!

Happy Friday Friends! 
     I can just feel it. It's going to be a great weekend. It has to be better than last weekend. Especially since this time last week I was cooped up at home with no voice and very little energy.
     Tonight my much anticipated Indianan friends will be stopping in! It will be so good to see their faces, even if just a bit!
     Then tomorrow I am thinking that for the first time in ages I am going to go on a photoshoot! :) I finally broke down and cleaned my sensor myself... not that I recommend it but I was desperate. Now I have nice clear shots, and no unsightly blotches! 
     Oh and Sunday, first our church is switching over to two services, how amazing is it that we are growing so rapidly that we need two services to hold all those people! Second we will be headed north to my In-laws house for a fish fry. It's in honor of my wonderful father-in-law's birthday tomorrow! I'm hoping that I get my bonfire that I have been craving for over a week now. 
     It's going to be a jammed packed, crazy fun weekend.

Now how about the highlights from this week?

1. My new JOB!! Ok, so I may sound like a broken record but I am beyond pumped that in just 12 short days I will officially be working for The Crossing:Hannibal!

2. It's Pomegranet Season. Just love these neat little fruit!
  3. I love getting mail! Especailly from my sweet little sister! She sent me the cutest tiny card with adorable ccalligraphy all over it!

4. A nice morning swim. You all will thank me that there is not a picture for this one. Seriously Me. 5:30 am. Swimming. That's one highlight that doesn't need documenting. However it was an amazing way to start the day. 

5. Going all the way back to Sunday I started my week off right by making this fabulous coffee. You know a week is going to be great when it starts looking like this.
All in all I think it's been a pretty amazing week and the next 36 hours promise to wrap it up in the same fashion! I hope you all have had just as amazing of a week and that your weekend is as well!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday

It's been one of those wonderful days. When from the moment you open your eyes, till well right now you can see very clearly all that you have been blessed with. I want to bottle this feeling and save it for a blue day. I feel that I would be remiss in letting today slip away without sharing.

1. Basic (naked) Popcorn. I just love it. As a snack, and a quick evening meal, as any flavor you can think to sprinkle on it. Lovely and light.

2. Friends trekking in this weekend all the way from Indiana. 

3. Volunteers. People are such a blessing when they step up and out of the wood work to help minister at church. Now to pray, believing that God will bring forward just a few (10) more people.

4. Lunch at home. I know that there are a lot of people that don't get to have this. I do. Everyday with My hubby.

5. New job!!! In case you missed it yesterday I officially put in 2 weeks notice for my current position here at the dealership and on Oct. 3rd I will begin working for The Crossing: Hannibal. My amazing church. I am BEYOND stoked! 

As I told E earlier, it may not be perfect and there may be a few things we wish we could change, but I sure love our simple little life. I couldn't have asked for a better one. 

Baking Away

Have we met? 
My name is Lydia and I like food.
.... wait that's a lie, I love food. 
I'm quite the "foodie" if you will. Mostly I like to try new things, and well old things too. Nothing beats a tried and true recipe that you can practically taste before it's even finished.

I have found, thanks to Pinterest, that every changing season presents the opportunity for new and exciting seasonal themed food! 
This is one of my many adventures that I have in my kitchen.
It's fall, and that could only mean one thing. It's POMEGRANATE season!
Whilst strolling through Aldi last night I spotted this little gem and I knew I couldn't leave the store without it.
 Inside these beauties are tons of deep red sweet and tart little seeds.
 In my many years of pomegranate eating I have found by far the best way to them is to float them in a big ole' bowl of water and just pop the seeds of with your fingers under the water.
 The magic happens when the seeds sink and everything else floats! Then you can just skim off all the junk and strain the water out of your precious little seeds at the bottom. (Hopefully without losing too many comakazi seeds in the process)
What you are left with is an abundance of sweet and tart, ruby red, juicy seeds! They are lovely to eat by them self or sprinkle on top of cereal or salads! 
Ah I love this time of year and all it's seasonal fruit!

And now for something not so seasonal... You can make this any time of the year. That's what I love about chocolate it never deserts you.

Would you believe that you can get letgit fudgy brownies from just these two ingredients?  
It's true. I was hopping about on healthy food blogs yesterday and on Eat Yourself Skinny I stumbled upon this crazy idea and I knew I just had to try it. And try I did.
I have to admit. I was skeptical but it was so easy. Just preheat your oven, mix 12 oz of Diet Coke (Pepsi was all I had on hand... I would have much rather have used Coke) with your brownie mix and then pop it in the oven. It needs to bake about 15 minutes longer than the back of the box calls for, but in no time your home will smell amazing and you will have fudgy 140 Calorie brownies.

I must confess... I have no after pictures. I ate them all... Ok, no that would defeat the purpose of low calories... The whole pan would sill equal something like 2500 calories... :/ Yikes! 
Really though, I just cut myself one and got all of the rest packaged up and in the freezer to enjoy at a later date one at a time.

Again I say, the beauty of this dessert you can have it any time of the year.
So that was my adventure in the kitchen last night, hopefully with MANY more to come! 

Now for the burning question, what's your preference, COKE or PEPSI?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

10,000 Years will give you such a crick in the neck!

I woke up this morning... and rolled over to shut off the alarm... when to my dismay *crunch* OY! My poor neck. I'm not sure if I was wrestling grizzly bears in my sleep or what, but I sure don't have full function of my neck today! 
Ok, I wasn't cramped up in a lamp for eons but this is definitely how I felt when I got up! 

That feeling was followed shortly by nerves... I realized today is THE day, and now since I have officially made my move I can let all of you know. I put in my notice today. 2 weeks from now I will be starting a new job and a new chapter in my life! I am beyond stoked and am thrilled to be able to share it with you guys finally! However since my mother-in-law introduced me to this song it has seemed so appropriate for the in-between.

I am thrilled for this opportunity and very excited for what God is going to do through me, but I must admit I am still a bit anxious. I'm not big on change. Even good change tends to play fruit basket upset with my emotions. So this is definetly my prayer. "Lord, steady my heart." I want to keep my head on my shoulders and be present in every moment for the next few weeks. I want to keep my eyes open to all that God is doing and not be so wrapped up in my tizzy of emotion. 

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God . Phil. 4:6

In other sweet news.... I just love getting mail. Especially from my adorable sister that sends adorable tiny cards!  Speaking of which I aught to get a few notes in the mail. I love to send snail mail and I just like to slip a few cards in the mail every once in a while. Do you get mail very often? Whole you like to? I would love to send you a note to brighten your day, just leave me a comment or send me a message and I'll add you to my list of sweet people that I send cards to! 

                                                Happy Wednesday Friends!  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

August Birchbox.... Finally!

Well Hello there! (whenever I say that I always hear it in Mrs. Doubtfire's voice...)

     How have you been my lovely friends? Me? well... I have been taken captive by the ick. Yep that's right, I felt it coming on on Tuesday last week and from there... I was doomed. I crawled home from work early on Thursday and planted myself on the couch for a solid 48 hrs. I'm sure I was a lovely sight to behold! :) Needless to say I wasn't much company for a while there... but I think I dodged the bullet. I'll survive. I think.... 
     Now that I have my ONE (1) illness for the season that I will allow behind me I can carry on with all my fall merriment! I'm amassing a bucket list as we speak.
     Ok on to the one thing about this post I know you have been waiting for! Yes I am aware that it's actually September (and has been for some 18 days now) *ahem* however I am FINALLY sharing with you my August Birchbox

 Since it's August (pretend with me..) The theme is back to school! Just about my favorite part is the cute little beauty school fold-out with a bunch of beauty tips and tricks. 
If I don't finish reading it does that make me a beauty school drop out?

 1. Shu Uemura oil for your hair - not sure how I feel about oil on my hair... but I'm willing it give it a try... plus it just looks fancy.
2. Stila Mascara - I have loved ever Stila product I have tried. This is no exception. a wonderful mascara, and a great size to stash in my purse.
3. Viva La Juicy La Fleur. Again so far everything Juicy I have tried I have loved. Though not my first Juicy pick (a bit too flowery - thus the Fleur) It's still a great lasting scent.
4. Talik Lash conditioning Cleanser - I've never used an eye cleanser that specializes quite like this but I have nothing against making my lovely lashes stronger!
I LOVE getting Birchbox finds in my boxes. They are like a great little surprise! This time it's the newest Shick razor. I was especially excited about this because I love getting a chance to try new razors but they are just so dang expensive that I don't branch out very often to do so. This is a great chance to try out a new razor risk free and if I love it there are even coupons that came with it!

So that's about it for this month's Birchbox. I'm sure I'll be back in just a week or so with September's box! Thanks for bearing with me! 

If you are interested in your own Birchbox you can check them out here!
Also if you mention that I referred you ( would love you forever (not that I don't already) ;)

Thursday, September 13, 2012


 Good morning,
     It's one of those mornings. Where everything is just warm and fuzzy. :) When you feel at peace with your surroundings. (Even if you can't breathe from your nose)
     Also I can feel it. God is on the move. I want to thank you all SO much for your prayers. In a couple days I hope I can fill you all in on just how exciting yesterday was! 

In light of all my warm fuzziness I realize just how blessed I am.
1.My amazing hubby (even when we don't always speak the same language)
2.Skirts, They are just fun and feminine
3.Friends that keep you accountable
4.Cooler temps and fall moving in
5. Yummy Healthy food

With fall comes fall tv premiers and I have a few that I am waiting so patiently impatiently for.

First Grey's Anatomy

Sept. 27th
After the way that last season ended I am waiting on pins a needles to see where this season leads. I believe I even said to my mom "They are going to leave them out there in the mountains for 3 months!?!?" ;) 

Next is one that has already begun but still worth mentioning.
Switched at Birth (if you've never seen the show this is a really cute little recap of most of the first season)

This is actually an ABC Family show (ie; a channel I don't have) but I got hooked on netflix and now I just keep up to date with Hulu 
     So much drama right? Ha ha I know, but I love it and they present it in such a fun likeable way. I can't help myself, I love ABC family shows!

Another show I am eagerly awaiting is Once Upon a Time
I was  a little late to the party last year after it started but once I gave the show a change I was hooked! 


It's awesome to watch as my favorite fairy tale characters come to life. Both in Storybrook and in the fantasy land. Also since Disney owns all the copyrights to the look of so many of the characters from the movies we all grew up with they look just like you remember them... only real! 

Lastly is my kind of guilty pleasure show. That's right. Glee.

Tonight 8pm!!
 That's right. I was totally skeptical way back when it first began but I must say I got hooked and it's just the right blend of campy highschool humor and (mostly) great music.
They've definitely done their job, and got me coming back for season 4. 

Those are just a couple of the shows that I try to keep up with, and really enjoy. What are some that you are anticipating? 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stuffed Up

Happy Wednesday My friends,

     I hope the first half of you week has been simply fantastic! I know mine has. I've kicked it off with a bang and actually this evening seems full of promise as well. 
     But at the moment. . .  I'm pretty mellow. Why you ask? Weeeeelll... I have this lovely little thing, smack in the middle of my face. Yes, my nose. And it's refusing to function properly today. I'm just plain stuffed up.

I hab a code in by node.
that or it's allergies

     Either way I'm stuffy and scratchy and sneezy and I really want to curl up on the couch with a hot cup of soup or some tea. That and I should probably take out stick in tissues and tylenol. However the sun is shining, and God is good so I won't let this silly nose get me down and whatever this is won't stick around forever.

     In the mean time, does anyone out there have any tips or tricks for sore throats and colds? The breathing through my nose thing is frustrating but it's hard to answer a phone all day with a sore throat.   

Here's hoping that the rest of the week finds all of you lovely people happy and healthy!  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Saturday Adventure

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!

     The weather has been simply spectacular the past couple days and I am so getting into the fall spirit! I actually went through and changed all my candles and wall flowers so now my home smells like fall! It's fantastic! 
     Saturday I decided to make the most of a lovely autumn-like day and hit the road to go see my favorite little sister! The girl has lived in Columbia for a year now and I had yet to go see her, so I figured that it was just about time to see her! 

Note: these are actually Mel's keys... though I wish my house key had princesses on it. 
     It's a beautiful drive between here and there. Very winding and curvy with a couple quaint little towns placed in between. I did have a bit of a scare along the way however...about half way there I was traveling along a 2 lane highway when I came upon a bike race! Don't get me wrong, I love biking and I love bicyclers however I was a nervous wreck, trying to follow courtsey as well as I could and yet still trying to get a move on and not travel at 20mph... every time I had to pass it was a white knuckled experience!
    I did finally make it safely to Columbia and my darling Melanie was there waiting for me! She had tons of plans for us.

     Starting with an awesome little Jazz joint that was kind of off the beaten trail named Murry's. It was SO good! They actually served fried green pepper wait for it.... dusted with powdered sugar! I know it sounds odd but they were SO SO amazing! I never would have thought of that combo but I may be whipping up my own version soon enough.
     Then we headed to the mall to just bum around a bit. Would you believe that their mall had a Target in it? I'm jealous. we also "redid" some photobooth pictures that we had taken over 5 years ago! Its fun to compare then and now! 
     We wrapped up our afternoon by heading over the the University Campus to check out all the festivities. I has apparently had the bright idea to come to Columbia on the same day as the first home game! It was packed with people. But it was really really neat to see everyone so festive and excited. We drove past some of the sorority houses and it was kind of surreal to see. You see them in the movies but I can't say I have even even known anyone that lived in a sorority house. They seemed neat though, all decked out with their banners and streamers!
     The last stop was for coffee and cupcakes! A sweet little place tucked into the city block called The Velvet Cupcake! They lived up to their name! 

 Carrot Cake for me and Tiramisu for her. They were such big cupcakes!

 She is
A Doll
I stinking love this girl. It's hard to believe that we have been friends now for almost 8 years. After all this time we still love confusing the heck out of people when we refer to each other as sisters. This was a perfect start to a lovely autumn season and a trip that will definitely be repeated. As soon as possible!
"We encourage making memories!"

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mug Swap is HERE!

Are you ready friends? I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks to share this post with you!
Where to begin?

Once upon a time... 
There was a fairy princess sweet lil gal named Lydia and she was blog hopping on day and stumbled across an enchanting blog called...

 Upon searching around on Kims sweet blog the fairy princess sweet lil gal named Lydia discovered that Kim was full of wonderful ideas most of all something called a Mug Swap!

 This sounded like so much fun the fairy princess sweet lil gal immediately signed up and eagerly began anticipating her email with all the details! 
She didn't have to wait too long for one day she woke up and there in her inbox was the fateful email. It said:
You have been chosen to send a mug super fun package to Miss Erin Alley!  (Who blogs over at The fairy princess sweet lil gal got right to work hunting for the perfect mug. It couldn't be TOO BIG or TOO SMALL it needed to be JUST RIGHT. Then she found it! 

Cute, Pink, a bit artsy, and it had an E! PERFECT!
She quickly gathered up a few of her favorite warm cozy drinks...
 Tucked them away in the mug.... wrote a little note to her new friend Erin....and shipped the happy little package on it's way. 

Then it was time to wait... to hear from another new friend! What was she like? Where was she from? Did she like coffee or did she prefer tea?

Then the day came! The package came!  

 It came just for her and wrapped so cute and adorned with Washi Tape!

 Hooray! Her new friend was named Kristi and had a sweet little blog called

 Inside was the most adorable little Owl mug the sweet lil gal had EVER seen. Inside was the best reminder to "Be Happy"
 Best of all Kristi filled that mug to the top with some amazing Dove chocolate.
 That's not how the story ends however... Everyone had their sweet new mugs and goodies that were found within them. Then last but not least everyone linked up their mupswap posts with Kim @  and then everyone lived 
Happily Ever After.

I Hope you enjoyed that story and that you have a fantastic week!  

 Also... this sweet lil gal enjoyed this all so much... she will certainly be participating again next year! You should too!  
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