Thursday, September 13, 2012


 Good morning,
     It's one of those mornings. Where everything is just warm and fuzzy. :) When you feel at peace with your surroundings. (Even if you can't breathe from your nose)
     Also I can feel it. God is on the move. I want to thank you all SO much for your prayers. In a couple days I hope I can fill you all in on just how exciting yesterday was! 

In light of all my warm fuzziness I realize just how blessed I am.
1.My amazing hubby (even when we don't always speak the same language)
2.Skirts, They are just fun and feminine
3.Friends that keep you accountable
4.Cooler temps and fall moving in
5. Yummy Healthy food

With fall comes fall tv premiers and I have a few that I am waiting so patiently impatiently for.

First Grey's Anatomy

Sept. 27th
After the way that last season ended I am waiting on pins a needles to see where this season leads. I believe I even said to my mom "They are going to leave them out there in the mountains for 3 months!?!?" ;) 

Next is one that has already begun but still worth mentioning.
Switched at Birth (if you've never seen the show this is a really cute little recap of most of the first season)

This is actually an ABC Family show (ie; a channel I don't have) but I got hooked on netflix and now I just keep up to date with Hulu 
     So much drama right? Ha ha I know, but I love it and they present it in such a fun likeable way. I can't help myself, I love ABC family shows!

Another show I am eagerly awaiting is Once Upon a Time
I was  a little late to the party last year after it started but once I gave the show a change I was hooked! 


It's awesome to watch as my favorite fairy tale characters come to life. Both in Storybrook and in the fantasy land. Also since Disney owns all the copyrights to the look of so many of the characters from the movies we all grew up with they look just like you remember them... only real! 

Lastly is my kind of guilty pleasure show. That's right. Glee.

Tonight 8pm!!
 That's right. I was totally skeptical way back when it first began but I must say I got hooked and it's just the right blend of campy highschool humor and (mostly) great music.
They've definitely done their job, and got me coming back for season 4. 

Those are just a couple of the shows that I try to keep up with, and really enjoy. What are some that you are anticipating? 

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  1. I am waiting for The Amazing Race to start, along with Revenge! I also need to {already} catch up with Parenthood! eee!!! So excited for these shows! :]


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