Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Saturday Adventure

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!

     The weather has been simply spectacular the past couple days and I am so getting into the fall spirit! I actually went through and changed all my candles and wall flowers so now my home smells like fall! It's fantastic! 
     Saturday I decided to make the most of a lovely autumn-like day and hit the road to go see my favorite little sister! The girl has lived in Columbia for a year now and I had yet to go see her, so I figured that it was just about time to see her! 

Note: these are actually Mel's keys... though I wish my house key had princesses on it. 
     It's a beautiful drive between here and there. Very winding and curvy with a couple quaint little towns placed in between. I did have a bit of a scare along the way however...about half way there I was traveling along a 2 lane highway when I came upon a bike race! Don't get me wrong, I love biking and I love bicyclers however I was a nervous wreck, trying to follow courtsey as well as I could and yet still trying to get a move on and not travel at 20mph... every time I had to pass it was a white knuckled experience!
    I did finally make it safely to Columbia and my darling Melanie was there waiting for me! She had tons of plans for us.

     Starting with an awesome little Jazz joint that was kind of off the beaten trail named Murry's. It was SO good! They actually served fried green pepper wait for it.... dusted with powdered sugar! I know it sounds odd but they were SO SO amazing! I never would have thought of that combo but I may be whipping up my own version soon enough.
     Then we headed to the mall to just bum around a bit. Would you believe that their mall had a Target in it? I'm jealous. we also "redid" some photobooth pictures that we had taken over 5 years ago! Its fun to compare then and now! 
     We wrapped up our afternoon by heading over the the University Campus to check out all the festivities. I has apparently had the bright idea to come to Columbia on the same day as the first home game! It was packed with people. But it was really really neat to see everyone so festive and excited. We drove past some of the sorority houses and it was kind of surreal to see. You see them in the movies but I can't say I have even even known anyone that lived in a sorority house. They seemed neat though, all decked out with their banners and streamers!
     The last stop was for coffee and cupcakes! A sweet little place tucked into the city block called The Velvet Cupcake! They lived up to their name! 

 Carrot Cake for me and Tiramisu for her. They were such big cupcakes!

 She is
A Doll
I stinking love this girl. It's hard to believe that we have been friends now for almost 8 years. After all this time we still love confusing the heck out of people when we refer to each other as sisters. This was a perfect start to a lovely autumn season and a trip that will definitely be repeated. As soon as possible!
"We encourage making memories!"

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  1. A friend who is like a sister is such a blessing and a gift. Sounds like you had a great day and good memories to look back on. Behind The Smile.


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