Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Anticipation is making me wait

Happy Tuesday my friends! 
     I have missed you this weekend, I hope you had a fabulous holiday weekend and that you did something fun! Mine was just what I needed, a bit of downtime and then a chance to get out and visit with my family! The biggest excitement of the weekend is my new toy.
     I took some cues from Truett:


     That's right, after a puppy who shall not be named soaked my dear computer in milk, and then limping along for a year and a half I have replaced my laptop! I'm not going to lie, it's rather painful to have to pay so much for a computer but after having a Mac there is no going back. So I don't regret it. Not one bit. It's going to be a lovely and VERY long friendship I hope. One with lots of music and picture post processing and inDesign creativity (all while being able to be WHEREVER I want rather than being tied to the kitchen table!) It was a very happy day indeed!
     Also since Labor Day has officially passed I am eagerly anticipating autumn! I don't think I am going to wait any longer to switch out all my candles and air fresheners in my house, my car, and my desk at work. Most of all I can't wait to begin the fall baking. As any self respecting girl in this day and I does, I am an avid pinner on Pinterest and I have come across several new fall recipies that I am so excited to try. I'm sure you could make some of these any time of there year, but you have to admit that there is something enchanting about making warm spiced baked goods when there is a fresh chill in the air!
     I want to share with you just a few recipes that I hope to make in the next few months! 

 Fist are theses Yummy Cranberry Pumpkin cookies! I LOVE anything with Crasins in it!

 Next up, SOUP! I am so old natured so when the weather begins to get cool soup is one of my favorite meals. My first pick will always be any kind of mushroom soup!

 In the spirit of soup, something I have never tried but can imagine would be VERY yummy is pumpkin soup!

This is one of the very best combinations ever, pumpkin and cream cheese. Top that off with a strusle topping and I can't help but think this would be an amazing fall treat! 

Last but certainly not least, is something unlike anything I have ever made before but sounds completely amazing. Chai spiced cookies topped with pumpkin kisses! I didn't know they made such a thing!

That is just a few of the yummy things that I have added to my "fall bucket list". I'm hoping to go pumpkin picking myself this year and to be able to cook with some fresh pumpkin! 
How about you? What are some things on your fall bucket list? Lots of cooking? Or maybe more leaf raking and jumping instead?  


  1. I'll be trying some pumpkin soup this fall also, I'm pretty excited! I found out last week that if you add craisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves to banana muffins it's pretty much amazing!

    1. Oh my goodness, I shall have to try this! YUM! This means I am going to have to either buy more bananas, or lay off eating them so quickly! I wonder if you could do the same with zuchinni muffins? They are a scpice cake base right? Plus I have 2 tons of shredded frozen zuchinni I need to use!

  2. I love fall!! I've already put up my decorations because I'm so excited for it to be here!! I always make pumpkin bread and a pumpkin roll this time of year...and I shall carry on the tradition! So excited! :]

    1. I NEED to go dig out my fall decor, I know I have some strings of leaves somewhere to hang on my curtain rods.. but I admit I have the artsy urge to do something idfferent with the wreath this year... I'm not sure what yet, but that's what Pinterest is for right?


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