Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baking Away

Have we met? 
My name is Lydia and I like food.
.... wait that's a lie, I love food. 
I'm quite the "foodie" if you will. Mostly I like to try new things, and well old things too. Nothing beats a tried and true recipe that you can practically taste before it's even finished.

I have found, thanks to Pinterest, that every changing season presents the opportunity for new and exciting seasonal themed food! 
This is one of my many adventures that I have in my kitchen.
It's fall, and that could only mean one thing. It's POMEGRANATE season!
Whilst strolling through Aldi last night I spotted this little gem and I knew I couldn't leave the store without it.
 Inside these beauties are tons of deep red sweet and tart little seeds.
 In my many years of pomegranate eating I have found by far the best way to them is to float them in a big ole' bowl of water and just pop the seeds of with your fingers under the water.
 The magic happens when the seeds sink and everything else floats! Then you can just skim off all the junk and strain the water out of your precious little seeds at the bottom. (Hopefully without losing too many comakazi seeds in the process)
What you are left with is an abundance of sweet and tart, ruby red, juicy seeds! They are lovely to eat by them self or sprinkle on top of cereal or salads! 
Ah I love this time of year and all it's seasonal fruit!

And now for something not so seasonal... You can make this any time of the year. That's what I love about chocolate it never deserts you.

Would you believe that you can get letgit fudgy brownies from just these two ingredients?  
It's true. I was hopping about on healthy food blogs yesterday and on Eat Yourself Skinny I stumbled upon this crazy idea and I knew I just had to try it. And try I did.
I have to admit. I was skeptical but it was so easy. Just preheat your oven, mix 12 oz of Diet Coke (Pepsi was all I had on hand... I would have much rather have used Coke) with your brownie mix and then pop it in the oven. It needs to bake about 15 minutes longer than the back of the box calls for, but in no time your home will smell amazing and you will have fudgy 140 Calorie brownies.

I must confess... I have no after pictures. I ate them all... Ok, no that would defeat the purpose of low calories... The whole pan would sill equal something like 2500 calories... :/ Yikes! 
Really though, I just cut myself one and got all of the rest packaged up and in the freezer to enjoy at a later date one at a time.

Again I say, the beauty of this dessert you can have it any time of the year.
So that was my adventure in the kitchen last night, hopefully with MANY more to come! 

Now for the burning question, what's your preference, COKE or PEPSI?


  1. I am a Diet Coke girl through and through. Tastes sooo much better! However, I would rather "waste" Diet Pepsi on something I'm eating so I could still drink my Diet Coke. :] Haha!! Just my thoughts...

    1. Oh Believe me, Me too! I was raised on Dt. Coke ( I think I was 12 or 13 before I realized there was any other kind of Coke) And honestly I am up for anything that combines Dt. Coke and Chocolate!


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