Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Happy almost Wednesday my friends,
     Fall has officially begun and with it all the fall fun! I always thought that fall felt busy because of the "hop back into school and activities" schedule. However I am pretty sure that this time of year just naturally comes packed with fun, school or no school.
     Something I am most excited about that comes with this "routine" is getting back into the swing of things with our small group. When I first started coming to the group back in October last year it was just a few of us, then over the course of the year we exploded into "the mega group" and in time we settled and found our balance. In the year since we first began God has used these precious people in my life in ways that I hadn't even imagined. We have watched as God has done amazing things through our church family.
     Now here it is again. Fall and a new beginning. Where we all are isn't where we were a year ago. Some people have moved on and we have gained new people but one thing I do know for sure is that God is on the move in our church and in our small group and that if the last year is any example, big things are in store for all of us.
     A smart person I once knew said "Growth is good, anything less is...well bad". Now I know this may sound trite but if you think about it, it's also rather profound. On the one hand it is sad to think that people are moving on, but I have no doubt that God is using them is awesome ways. Then on the other hand it is exciting to know that God is growing and stretching us individually and as a group. Growth may not always be the most comfortable, there may be growing pains and getting used to being 6" taller but in the end it is ALWAYS worth it. 
     All this to say, small group, there is not a doubt in my mind that God is growing us and had BIG plans for us and that this time next year, when we look back and reminisce it will all be totally worth it! I love you guys and I love that God has brought us together for this season, to be and do life and grow along side one another! 

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