Friday, September 7, 2012

High 5 for Friday

How are you friends? 

Has it been an odd week for you? It has for me as well. I'm not sure if it's because ti was a short week of if it is just because it's the first week of the month. But mostly for a short week it sure seemed to crawl by.

 However it hasn't been without it's highlights! So my Top 5 for the week!

 1. Matching shoes! Officially yesterday I was released by my Dr. to go back to regular shoes full time! It's about time and I am never going back, no more surgeries and no more cruthers!

2. My newest obsession that I have yet to obtain, but I will get my hands on some !
It's Washi tape! How cute is this Asian inspired paper tape? Love it! 

3. This ballerina will always be tickled pink wearing a bun. So this morning I dirtied my hair up and piled it on top of my head in a sock bun. It's the simple things that make me happy!

4. I have been breaking these lovelies in again. I like being back in the habit of being active... even if you wouldn't call it athletic! :) Plus it's way more fun when you can pass the time chatting with a sweet friend!
 5. My biggest highlight for the week, my new computer. It's bright shiney, fast aaaaaand I can take it with me. Something that I had lost the ability to do with my old one. It really is fabulous plus it's one step closer to being able to start my own business! 
Lastly I had a few things pop in my mind this morning that I want to add to my bucket list. 
- 1. I want to build a house. Like, from the ground up. 
- 2. I would really like to dance again. It doesn't have to be on a stage but I sure would like to warm up at the barre.
- 3. Hide away in the mountains for a month. One of my dream vacations would be to runaway, and not to a resort, but to a cabin in the mountains and just slip off the radar for a month.

Has your week sped by because it's short? Or has it seemed to crawl by like mine? 


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