Monday, September 10, 2012

Mug Swap is HERE!

Are you ready friends? I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks to share this post with you!
Where to begin?

Once upon a time... 
There was a fairy princess sweet lil gal named Lydia and she was blog hopping on day and stumbled across an enchanting blog called...

 Upon searching around on Kims sweet blog the fairy princess sweet lil gal named Lydia discovered that Kim was full of wonderful ideas most of all something called a Mug Swap!

 This sounded like so much fun the fairy princess sweet lil gal immediately signed up and eagerly began anticipating her email with all the details! 
She didn't have to wait too long for one day she woke up and there in her inbox was the fateful email. It said:
You have been chosen to send a mug super fun package to Miss Erin Alley!  (Who blogs over at The fairy princess sweet lil gal got right to work hunting for the perfect mug. It couldn't be TOO BIG or TOO SMALL it needed to be JUST RIGHT. Then she found it! 

Cute, Pink, a bit artsy, and it had an E! PERFECT!
She quickly gathered up a few of her favorite warm cozy drinks...
 Tucked them away in the mug.... wrote a little note to her new friend Erin....and shipped the happy little package on it's way. 

Then it was time to wait... to hear from another new friend! What was she like? Where was she from? Did she like coffee or did she prefer tea?

Then the day came! The package came!  

 It came just for her and wrapped so cute and adorned with Washi Tape!

 Hooray! Her new friend was named Kristi and had a sweet little blog called

 Inside was the most adorable little Owl mug the sweet lil gal had EVER seen. Inside was the best reminder to "Be Happy"
 Best of all Kristi filled that mug to the top with some amazing Dove chocolate.
 That's not how the story ends however... Everyone had their sweet new mugs and goodies that were found within them. Then last but not least everyone linked up their mupswap posts with Kim @  and then everyone lived 
Happily Ever After.

I Hope you enjoyed that story and that you have a fantastic week!  

 Also... this sweet lil gal enjoyed this all so much... she will certainly be participating again next year! You should too!  


  1. It is like a fairy tale getting a pretty mug from a sweet unknown friend! :) Cute mug! So much fun!

    1. Thanks! I had so much fun with this mug swap! It was so fun for me to send a bit of sunshine to somebody and to make 2 new friends!

  2. Both of those are simply adorable. I love owls! I sent and received an owl mug(same one,different colors!)

    Ready to swap again? Check out my post :)

    1. I went and found your blog and your post! I LOVE it that's so COOL!

  3. Well this is an adorable little story. :)
    LOVE it. :)

    i'm glad the mug swap was so enchanting for you as well!

    and that owl mug is adora-freaking-ble. :)

    and the e mug is JUUSSSSTTTT right. so perfectly perfect.

    1. Thanks! I wanted to try a slightly different blogging style! Also that mug kind of reminded me of the ones that anthropologie sells, that's why I loved it so much. The funny thing is My husband is an "E" and he wanted to know why I brought him home a pink mug! :)

  4. Super cute blog post and this swap was fun, can't wait to do it again next year! : )

    1. It has been so fun checking out your blog and getting to know you through that! I love that this kind of thing has brought new friends together!


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