Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I'm listening to

It is Wednesday right? My internal weekly calendar has been off since yesterday. I though yesterday was Wednesday which makes today seem like Wednesday... I guess I'm just getting ahead of myself.

     So I know that normally when I talk about listening I'm pretty stoked about some new song that I love, or a new album that's been released. But this time I wanted to go a bit more in depth about something that makes my inner nerd SO happy. It all started with my lovely friend Mallory and her suggestion, back around the time of the Olympics, about a podcast that she had been listening to. 
     This listening gem is called "Stuff You Missed in History Class" and it comes from 

I have been to this sight before. Routed there to peruse various slide shows and articles. It really is amazing the variety of things you will find there. I am just nerdy enough to find it all fascinating. What can I say, I love to know tons of obscure facts. Anyway back to the podcast.
     One of the many things you will find on their website is their handful of podcasts. They cover topics from 

to Automotive

to Clever How-To's

But by far my favorite is 

     Hosted by two lovely ladies by the names of Sarah and Deblina (How cool is her name?) and cover all sorts of history stories that you may not have ever heard of, or possibly delve deeper into a subject that you may know of but may have never heard the whole story. Through their show they do their best to debunk popular historical myths and separate fact from fiction as well as discussing new findings about some old familiar parts of history. 
     They keep the show light and entertaining but packed full of new facts and information that you find yourself learning things even when you least expect it. The best part, they help the history really come alive. With their easy conversation and comfortable manner you might as well be chatting with a few well-read friends over coffee. 
     I must say I am so hooked that I have actually taken the time to go back and try to catch up on all their past episodes as well. I have found that at times they reference back to older episodes and I don't like to be "left out of the loop" So I have days where I *nerd-out* and I turn SYMHC on for hours on end. I must say I do feel like I walk away smarter. Totally worth it. 
     I do have to admit on a public forum that my dad isn't as nerdy as I once thought. I have come to the conclusion that "podcast" is just a hip cool name for todays version of "talk radio" which when I was a kid I gave my dad so much crap over. But I have found that with a topic I find intriguing "old fogie radio" isn't half bad.

So do you have any pod casts that you keep up with? 
Share with me, now that I have delved into the world of podcasts I am always on the lookout for new ones to listen to!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Grand Camping Adventure

Happy Tuesday Friends,

     If you were around on Friday, you may know that I was as giddy as a kid in a candy store over what my Friday night plans were. I even squeezed in a very hurried and rather hyper post just as we were walking out the door. I just know you were as excited as I was. 
     You'll all be glad to know that camping didn't disappoint. Sure we chose a day where the high was only 50 degrees and the low was below freezing but truth be told, ever for somebody who is cold ALL the time, I never really froze. Plus I had great company and that just made the trip.
 {Unloading:Putting the Camp in Camping}
 {Brett "The 4 Wheelin' Master" Bradshaw}
 {The Trapping of Camping}
 {Poor Mallory, all she wanted to do was set up the tents and she was getting smoked out}

 {My lovely contribution to setting up camp, Pallet testing} 
 {I just love a good campfire}
 {Our entertainment for the evening. My father inlaw said that if you filled a styrofoam cup with water it wouldn't be totally consumed till the water was gone, it did actually stay like this for almost an hour and a half. Rather like waiting for a pot to boil.}
 {How completely adorable are they?}
{(Also how cool is it to see the heat waves coming off the campfire)}
 {YAY! We made it through the night, and no one froze. Some might have gotten lost in their sleeping bag at some point, but not froze. :D}
 {Campers Breakfast! YUM!}
When the sun hits that ridge just right, these hills sing.}
{The Morning sun was just stunning}
{God showing off, with autumn} 
      {One last peek at out sweet little (frosty) campsite} 

     We had such a blast, and the guys are chomping at the bit for a "freeze out" camp out next. I guess if we survived this we'll survive that too. A bit of chill is totally worth the chance to just sit and be by the fire, chatting into the wee (10pm) hours of the night. There's just nothing that compares to it. 
     So what do you think, would you be brave enough to camp in the bitter cold? We had so much fun and made such good memories, I certainly would. I definitely see more campouts in my future.

Monday, October 29, 2012

October Birchbox

Hey, It's Monday!

     I hope your weekend was as much fun as mine. We camped, we shopped we celebrated birthdays, all crammed into just over 48 hours. I can't believe I am now married to a 24 year old. Man we are growing up!
     One of the best things about being grown up, a little bit of Christmas each month in my Birchbox. It came a bit late this month but here it is!

{This month Birchbox paired up with Goop a trendy lifestyle magazine}

{Several great products this month, edible goodies, makeup goodies, and a few fun spa like treats.}

 {I love getting treats to try, Luna Bars are made by Cliff bard but specifically for women. I've tried them before, but I've never had the Lemon Zest Flavor and lived the change to try it!}

{I must admit I was a bit surprised to find a sample I had tried before. But I did enjoy the hair powder and it's something I'm glad to have more of.}

{Lipgloss, I'm all over that. Though it was a TINY little sample it was a smooth pink sheen that wasn't too sticky but lasted all day.} 
 {Anything written in french has to be classy right? This Embryolisse is a fancy face cream. It has a very rich feel to the lotion.}
 {Lastly Karuna hydrating face mask. I think this one is calling for a spa day. I have yet to try this sample out but I am really excited!}

This month is a fairly simple, box but I am very satisfied with the samples and I'm also looking forward to the holidays coming up and what Birchbox will do to celebrate! 

Have a great week friends!

Friday, October 26, 2012

High 5 for Friday

Aaaaaaaaaand... IT'S HERE! FRIDAY! 

     Its been a fantastic week, I'm sure that it helps that I've had something to look forward (camping) He he We are leaving here in just moments as I write.
     So how about my top 5 for the week? 

1. {Fresh Flowers, they always brighten my day. I spotted these while grocery shopping and was just taken with them.}

2. {Downton Abbey, I am just chomping at the bit for the 3rd season to start so I have been rewatching the first and second season. I just love this show. Plus I have decided when I am a grownup I want to own a manor house!}
 3.{Office supplies, who doesn't love them and love getting them all organized. That's one of the perks of wetting up a new office!}

4.{After making a trip to the Lou on Sunday for a Senior Picture session, I just had to make a stop in Chesterfield. The Exit was just calling my name. :) I had such a yummy Maple Pumpkin Latte I can't regret it! 

5.{ Last but not least, CAMPING! Woo HOO! Ethan is hurrying me as I type so I had better dash! We're in for an evening of fun, memories,and freezing our tushes off!}

Have an amazing weekend my friends! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

All she wanted for her birthday...

     First of all, seriously folks over 5,000 views? You guys are the bomb! Jenkies! 
Also I have a riddle for you. Q: What's better than busting up a piñata? A: Busting up a piñata with a potato gun! This is a fact that it seems everyone in the Geisendorfer Family knows and it happens to be the the sole wish of my oldest niece, for her 16th birthday. So that is just what we did 2 weekends ago.
 {Sighting up the potato gun}
{Yep those would be my nieces}
 {Boy play: In Action}
 {The girls minus Miki and Momma G}
Also I think Nicole needs glasses, what do you think?
 {The creator of the big gun, himself}
{It's a VERY happy day when all those cars are in the same driveway} 
 {I'm not sure? Being destructive,maybe?}
 {Lining up the first Piñata, country boy style. He looks so at home on that tractor}
{You don't want to be standing there when the gun goes off!} 
 {Pass the big gun to the birthday girl}
 {She has a license to thrill}
 {Kapow! Blown Away}
 {Shot a whole right through}
 {Piñata No.2 and little brother is up to bat}
 {Kablamo, nothing left but the head}
 {Poor lil' guy, never knew what was coming}

That would be how we celebrate birthdays in the Geisendorfer family. Lots of food, laughs, and shooting things up! Growing up I always wanted those big family get togethers, piling all into one house, spending several days on end just soaking up the family time. Now I've been blessed with just that. It's pretty amazing that through getting married I gain not only my husband but a whole other family. After all weekends were made for families.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Since life has been busy lately and I have several amazing social networks at my finger tips I thought I would give you a glimpse into my life in the last couple weeks via Instagram!
My New Job, an amazing place to be and spend some Jesus time with some coffee. 
 So many color choices. We'll soon be painting the office one of these lovely colors.
An amazing plus to my new job; Apple computers!

Cold weather = soup weather. Amazing Pumpkin Soup!

 This past Saturday, was Folklife festival here in Hannibal.

 Bringing back Fudge for E since he had to work.

Got to play "pretend aunt" to this little cutie all day.

Love the way people are all in character in Folklife. Playing some ragtime.
Best purchase of the day, fresh lemongrass candle so artfully arranged in a mason jar!

 Been missing this sweet little fur face quite a bit lately.

 #SheReadsTruth reading Ephesians together.

 I love having fun with graphic design. Especially bringing together #Sereadstruth and a lock screen on my phone.
JUmping right into Philippians.
Blog finds are the best. An amazing meal in a very healthy shake!

On Sunday the highlight of my day: Seeing a dear friend be baptized.

Last but not least stopping on the way home from a Sr. Portrait shoot to get a Kaldi's Maple Pumpkin Latte' 

I love having the way to be connected all the time plus the fact that I can show you all a glimpse of everyday life. 
Have you guys found Instagram yet? 
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