Thursday, October 25, 2012

All she wanted for her birthday...

     First of all, seriously folks over 5,000 views? You guys are the bomb! Jenkies! 
Also I have a riddle for you. Q: What's better than busting up a piñata? A: Busting up a piñata with a potato gun! This is a fact that it seems everyone in the Geisendorfer Family knows and it happens to be the the sole wish of my oldest niece, for her 16th birthday. So that is just what we did 2 weekends ago.
 {Sighting up the potato gun}
{Yep those would be my nieces}
 {Boy play: In Action}
 {The girls minus Miki and Momma G}
Also I think Nicole needs glasses, what do you think?
 {The creator of the big gun, himself}
{It's a VERY happy day when all those cars are in the same driveway} 
 {I'm not sure? Being destructive,maybe?}
 {Lining up the first Piñata, country boy style. He looks so at home on that tractor}
{You don't want to be standing there when the gun goes off!} 
 {Pass the big gun to the birthday girl}
 {She has a license to thrill}
 {Kapow! Blown Away}
 {Shot a whole right through}
 {Piñata No.2 and little brother is up to bat}
 {Kablamo, nothing left but the head}
 {Poor lil' guy, never knew what was coming}

That would be how we celebrate birthdays in the Geisendorfer family. Lots of food, laughs, and shooting things up! Growing up I always wanted those big family get togethers, piling all into one house, spending several days on end just soaking up the family time. Now I've been blessed with just that. It's pretty amazing that through getting married I gain not only my husband but a whole other family. After all weekends were made for families.

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