Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Autumn, Anyone?

Hello friends, 
It has officially been fall for 10 days now and I can't believe I am just now getting around to putting up my decorations. Christmas is a great holiday, with great decorations but even it comes second to Autumn and it's decor (and fragrances). I've had some time off early this week, so I tried to make use of it and break out the fall spirit, here in the Geisendorfer residence! 
 What is the fragrance of autumn? you ask, It smells an awful lot like warm apple strudel, thanks to my lovely little Scentsy!  
 My favorite find of my decorations are these beautiful swags of leaves. They were leftovers from a lovely friends wedding last fall and now every time I pull them out I think of her! 
 The ever changing seasonal wreath! This fall I decided to re-wrap my little G in bright red. It's fuzzy and I love it, however it kind of blends into the door...Eh, I like it, that's all that matters! 
 Check out these two little dudes. I'm not really sure how they came to be mine but I love them so and they sure liven up my outdoor plants!
In the background you can see my charity case mums... E brought them home to me to try and revive. Either way they were free so if I succeed "Yay free Mums" If not... I'm not out anything.
 Also, how cool is it to buy things after season, put them away for a year and then open your decoration box the next year? It's like Christmas! 
 Plus those little apples and pinecones score pretty high in my book just because they are so little and cute!
Oh and this candle, bought it last fall, burned it all season (and then some) then it still wasn't burned totally up so I have gotten to burn it some this fall! I adore it! 
So now my whole home smells and looks like fall! It's a wonderland around here, can it be Autumn forever? 

What's your favorite season to decorate for? I love Christmas, but I definitely think fall is my favorite! 

Oh and by the way, just in case I don't say it again another 20 times My New Job ROCKS!! That is all. 

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  1. Slatkin and Co are the best candles ever!!! I love the Fresh Balsam and the Eucalyptus for winter!


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