Friday, October 26, 2012

High 5 for Friday

Aaaaaaaaaand... IT'S HERE! FRIDAY! 

     Its been a fantastic week, I'm sure that it helps that I've had something to look forward (camping) He he We are leaving here in just moments as I write.
     So how about my top 5 for the week? 

1. {Fresh Flowers, they always brighten my day. I spotted these while grocery shopping and was just taken with them.}

2. {Downton Abbey, I am just chomping at the bit for the 3rd season to start so I have been rewatching the first and second season. I just love this show. Plus I have decided when I am a grownup I want to own a manor house!}
 3.{Office supplies, who doesn't love them and love getting them all organized. That's one of the perks of wetting up a new office!}

4.{After making a trip to the Lou on Sunday for a Senior Picture session, I just had to make a stop in Chesterfield. The Exit was just calling my name. :) I had such a yummy Maple Pumpkin Latte I can't regret it! 

5.{ Last but not least, CAMPING! Woo HOO! Ethan is hurrying me as I type so I had better dash! We're in for an evening of fun, memories,and freezing our tushes off!}

Have an amazing weekend my friends! 

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