Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Since life has been busy lately and I have several amazing social networks at my finger tips I thought I would give you a glimpse into my life in the last couple weeks via Instagram!
My New Job, an amazing place to be and spend some Jesus time with some coffee. 
 So many color choices. We'll soon be painting the office one of these lovely colors.
An amazing plus to my new job; Apple computers!

Cold weather = soup weather. Amazing Pumpkin Soup!

 This past Saturday, was Folklife festival here in Hannibal.

 Bringing back Fudge for E since he had to work.

Got to play "pretend aunt" to this little cutie all day.

Love the way people are all in character in Folklife. Playing some ragtime.
Best purchase of the day, fresh lemongrass candle so artfully arranged in a mason jar!

 Been missing this sweet little fur face quite a bit lately.

 #SheReadsTruth reading Ephesians together.

 I love having fun with graphic design. Especially bringing together #Sereadstruth and a lock screen on my phone.
JUmping right into Philippians.
Blog finds are the best. An amazing meal in a very healthy shake!

On Sunday the highlight of my day: Seeing a dear friend be baptized.

Last but not least stopping on the way home from a Sr. Portrait shoot to get a Kaldi's Maple Pumpkin Latte' 

I love having the way to be connected all the time plus the fact that I can show you all a glimpse of everyday life. 
Have you guys found Instagram yet? 


  1. I love IG! It's so much fun!! What's your name? I'm @beth_elaine on there. I'll have to find you! :)

    1. My IG name is MrsGeisendorfer! Aren't social networking gadgets so nifty?


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