Monday, October 22, 2012

Ketchup, anyone?

     Why hello there friends, long time no see!! Oh my word how amazing has life been around these parts. Since starting my new job its been an adjustment in schedules but I can't complain because you see, I STINKING LOVE my new job. God definitely had something up his sleeve with this one and I'm glad that He's the one that worked all of this. 
     Sooooo In the mean time we've had some pretty stellar weekends as well. For the fourth time all year, my main squeeze got a whole weekend off and we trekked to my parent's house for the annual boy's birthday weekend. With my cousin, both brothers and Husband all having birthday's within a month it's become tradition to get together for a family dinner to celebrate these awesome dudes. 
First check this out. This, is the littlest dude's Eagle Scout project. That's right, He has officially received the greatest honor in Boy Scouting. He and several of the boys in his scout troop worked for four days to refurbish this landmark in the city park. I'm so proud of the kid! 

 That's right, life has come full circle. This little punk now thinks records are "cool" and has begun collecting classic 80's music on play on mom's old record player that he has all hooked up in his room. 
 Yes, we are all nerds in my family, and darn proud of it too. We love giving and getting records and books. 

 We're BLURRY but SO HAPPY! 

 For turning 24 this guy made BANK! Ha ha great movies, great games and totally awesome t-shirts. (he still hasn't received the best gifts [mine] those will come on his actual birthday nest week!)

 Btw, maybe family reunions are stereo typed as being and awkward, but not when you have my family, and the adorable kids bobbing for apples! When the Stuckmeyers get together, we do it right.  

     There may have also been some tag playing done this "grown up" when the kiddos begged me to! I haven't had so much fun in a long time, running around with them in the corn maze. But is did run out of steam long before they did. 

     That's the first installment of what's been up with us in the last two weeks. By the way have you guys been loving these fall colors? Just today I actually got to shoot in the amazing weather.      

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