Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Dude

So it's almost not Monday any more but I have to try to sneak in a tiny bit of a post for you guys!

     I told you a week ago when I was babysitting that the reason I was really enjoying doing it was not because Mr. Zeke is so dang cute (which he totally is) or even because he was so well behaved (which he totally was) but rather because I had a captive audience to take pictures of! 
     It's been far too long since I have really gotten to shoot so I jumped at the chance to have some great weather and an adorable subject! Here are just a few of the shots that I caught of this handsome little dude! 

 He was just so giggly, it was completely adorable!

 Also VERY interested in my camera and the noises it was making. I think given the shance he would have tried shooting with it! 
 Then I just got him on a roll! His eyes were sparking and he thought it was funy to keep saying cheese! 

Needless to say this is not the last you have seen of Mister Zeke! He was such a great subject we'll be doing this again VERY soon! 

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