Saturday, October 6, 2012

Missing me yet? (September Birchbox)

     Well, Hello there! It's been an interesting couple of weeks with training, then leaving my old job. Theeennn having some time off and trying to cram as much cleaning, cooking and creating and then starting my new job! (which is totally amazing by the way) 
     Also it came to my attention this week as we started October that once again I missed my Birchbox this month! So maybe this month I'll be both September and October's in!
 Since September is the month that Fall starts the theme is "autumn" ( I kind of see it but really its just the same beauty goodies) The look book that came in the box was fun to look through, with the beauty sample suggestions and the outfit compilations.  

 I've received tea in my Birchbox in the past and I enjoy the chance to try some tea out without committing to a whole box, or ever a "sampler" pack with some new flavors that I like the look of, but then a few that I'm not really interested in. 
 Jouer is a brand that I have received samples from before and I have always fount them to be a very high quality products but I have never had a moisturizer from them. This is something that samples are a great thing for, who wants to buy a whole bottle only to find that its not quite what you like. Sure maybe the color is right, but what is it makes you more oily than you like?  
 LaFresh Nail Polish remover pads. The idea of these travel size packets are novel but I admit I'm just not that into the idea, I don't travel that often when I would be in need of polish remover. (In fact I find that I tend to plan when I paint my nails so that I don't have to worry about it chipping, is that odd?)
 First of all, I think that between Kate and Lauren I have been conditioned to think that anything with the Kate Spade name on it must be fabulous (because it is) but also I LOVE the name of this perfume. "Twirl" It evokes the image of a young gal in her pretty new skirt enjoying the "twirl effect". I must admit, I was a bit disappointed, I like the smell but I was hoping it would have been a bit sweeter but it is a GREAT fancy scent that I will be saving for a fancy occassion! 
 Vasanti "face rejuvenator ", Another great thing to sample before you buy. I love a face cleanser that has some "scrub" to it and this delivers! I won't say that my face was necessarily glowing but it did have a nice lasting clean feel.   
Lastly I know it's completely random but I swear EVERY bottle of nail polish that I have received from Birchbox is GREEN! Blah! I love to wear green as clothing but I have never had the desire to wear green on my nails and only once has the color actually been something I decided to wear again. Anyway this bottle of color club is called "tweet me" and is a lovely "golden delicious yellow/green" Fun huh? What happened to greys and browns and burgundys for fall? :P Oh well, you win some you loose some!

So that's what came In september, very fall-y? Not so much, but fun none the less! 
So what did you get in your September Birchbox?

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