Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Grand Camping Adventure

Happy Tuesday Friends,

     If you were around on Friday, you may know that I was as giddy as a kid in a candy store over what my Friday night plans were. I even squeezed in a very hurried and rather hyper post just as we were walking out the door. I just know you were as excited as I was. 
     You'll all be glad to know that camping didn't disappoint. Sure we chose a day where the high was only 50 degrees and the low was below freezing but truth be told, ever for somebody who is cold ALL the time, I never really froze. Plus I had great company and that just made the trip.
 {Unloading:Putting the Camp in Camping}
 {Brett "The 4 Wheelin' Master" Bradshaw}
 {The Trapping of Camping}
 {Poor Mallory, all she wanted to do was set up the tents and she was getting smoked out}

 {My lovely contribution to setting up camp, Pallet testing} 
 {I just love a good campfire}
 {Our entertainment for the evening. My father inlaw said that if you filled a styrofoam cup with water it wouldn't be totally consumed till the water was gone, it did actually stay like this for almost an hour and a half. Rather like waiting for a pot to boil.}
 {How completely adorable are they?}
{(Also how cool is it to see the heat waves coming off the campfire)}
 {YAY! We made it through the night, and no one froze. Some might have gotten lost in their sleeping bag at some point, but not froze. :D}
 {Campers Breakfast! YUM!}
When the sun hits that ridge just right, these hills sing.}
{The Morning sun was just stunning}
{God showing off, with autumn} 
      {One last peek at out sweet little (frosty) campsite} 

     We had such a blast, and the guys are chomping at the bit for a "freeze out" camp out next. I guess if we survived this we'll survive that too. A bit of chill is totally worth the chance to just sit and be by the fire, chatting into the wee (10pm) hours of the night. There's just nothing that compares to it. 
     So what do you think, would you be brave enough to camp in the bitter cold? We had so much fun and made such good memories, I certainly would. I definitely see more campouts in my future.

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