Thursday, October 4, 2012

So very Thankful Thursday

Hola friends,

Thursday is here! After my nice little hiatus over the weekend yesterday I jumped into a very exciting new chapter yesterday. That's right, I started my NEW JOB!! 
I am now officially the Administrative Assistant at the Crossing: Hannibal. I can't begin to explain how stoked I am to work with such amazing people, and for a cause that I am 100% behind, JESUS! 

So my 5things this week! 

1. My new job! 
2. A weekend at home with the parents.
3. My amazing supportive Husband (who has the patience of a saint)
4. Beautiful, cool fall weather
5. Yummy, fresh produce that makes for delicious meals and snacks 

It's that time of year that I evenings are crisp, the air is cool and the lighting is simply stunning! I must say, right now something I am most thankful for is fall! I love that God has created the changing seasons. We might even get some stunning colors on the trees this year, despite the dry summer we had.

So what are you thankful for this Thursday! There's so much we have been blessed with, what's on the top of your list today? 

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