Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Walking with Paul

     Do you remember what the first day of school feels like every year? The excitement and anticipation of things to come, just bubbling up.The thrill of something new, and undiscovered. I may have been homeschooled but I still felt that joy of the new beginning each year.
     I feel a glimmer of that same anticipation whenever I begin a new book or bible study and today, I started something that managed to be new and yet familiar all at the same time. Yesterday I began a new study with my #SheReadsTruth sisters, in Philippians.

     If I had to pick one book in all of scripture that has impacted my walk it would be a tough choice between this and James. It seems that every time I come back to something that the apostle Paul wrote, I always learn something new. That's the beautiful thing about the living, inspired word of God, it's like being on the other end the walkie-talkie with the holy spirit a direct line to hear from God. 10-4. Over and out.
     As a group we ladies with #SheReadsTruth have already been delving into the works of Paul first in Galatians and then in Ephesians and I must say working through these epistles back to back, I feel like I have begun to get to know the heart of Paul and how in tune it seems he was with God. He was so sensitive to what God was saying and also had a knack for shooting strait with people, getting his point across, standing firm and yet do it all with love.
     I feel like from his teachings I take away 2 things, A) The things that Paul points out so often still apply to my life today, but also B) Paul is an amazing role model. I feel like if I could even be a fraction as faithful in my life as Paul, I might actually make a difference in my world.
     I am so looking forward to seeing what I can dig up from this study and to see how God opens my eyes through the insights of the ladies around me. It really is so fulfilling to make God's glory your one priority. It just feels so right, and guess what?!? That's because it is! That's what we are created for. Focused on Him, giving glory to Him. It really adds a pep to my step and confidence to my walk to know that my God is for me and my sisters in Christ are fighting by my side all over the globe. 

If community is your thing, and you want to grow your relationship with Christ and other believers, I want to invite you come join us! Because this time? "We're doing this together!"

Also Check out some of the amazing women behind this movement.

I really do encourage you, just come check us out. See what it's all about and join the discussion. It have seen so much growth in my life and God has spoken to my heart through this, what does he have in store for you? 

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  1. I'm so excited to be in Philippians! It's such a great book! :)


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