Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I'm listening to

It is Wednesday right? My internal weekly calendar has been off since yesterday. I though yesterday was Wednesday which makes today seem like Wednesday... I guess I'm just getting ahead of myself.

     So I know that normally when I talk about listening I'm pretty stoked about some new song that I love, or a new album that's been released. But this time I wanted to go a bit more in depth about something that makes my inner nerd SO happy. It all started with my lovely friend Mallory and her suggestion, back around the time of the Olympics, about a podcast that she had been listening to. 
     This listening gem is called "Stuff You Missed in History Class" and it comes from 

I have been to this sight before. Routed there to peruse various slide shows and articles. It really is amazing the variety of things you will find there. I am just nerdy enough to find it all fascinating. What can I say, I love to know tons of obscure facts. Anyway back to the podcast.
     One of the many things you will find on their website is their handful of podcasts. They cover topics from 

to Automotive

to Clever How-To's

But by far my favorite is 

     Hosted by two lovely ladies by the names of Sarah and Deblina (How cool is her name?) and cover all sorts of history stories that you may not have ever heard of, or possibly delve deeper into a subject that you may know of but may have never heard the whole story. Through their show they do their best to debunk popular historical myths and separate fact from fiction as well as discussing new findings about some old familiar parts of history. 
     They keep the show light and entertaining but packed full of new facts and information that you find yourself learning things even when you least expect it. The best part, they help the history really come alive. With their easy conversation and comfortable manner you might as well be chatting with a few well-read friends over coffee. 
     I must say I am so hooked that I have actually taken the time to go back and try to catch up on all their past episodes as well. I have found that at times they reference back to older episodes and I don't like to be "left out of the loop" So I have days where I *nerd-out* and I turn SYMHC on for hours on end. I must say I do feel like I walk away smarter. Totally worth it. 
     I do have to admit on a public forum that my dad isn't as nerdy as I once thought. I have come to the conclusion that "podcast" is just a hip cool name for todays version of "talk radio" which when I was a kid I gave my dad so much crap over. But I have found that with a topic I find intriguing "old fogie radio" isn't half bad.

So do you have any pod casts that you keep up with? 
Share with me, now that I have delved into the world of podcasts I am always on the lookout for new ones to listen to!

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