Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Change in the Wind Says I

     First of all you guys are amazing. Seriously, I am topping out over 5000 page views. Seriously 8 months ago I just opened up my little corned of the world. A place to go, and think and savor coffee, some friends, and some Jesus time. I'm so completely blessed to now share this space with all of you my sweet chums.
Second the past four days have been incredibly amazing! My weekend started with some craftiness. That's what Saturday's are for after all. I have been meaning to reworking the art over our couch and have been collecting all the pieces and supplies and on Saturday I started the Artsy process.

Just a sneak peek of some of my pieces, once I get them put together I'll show you all the finished project!
     Then we had a double date with our favorite Bradsahws. Seriously those peeps their amazing and it's so good to have friends that we relate to so well. Fiddlesticks, bowling, cookie making it made for an amazing evening with 3 of my favorite people.
     Sunday was yet another couples day. E's College roommate Matt came to visit us and he brought his lovely lady Sammi Jo with him. We spent all day just hanging out and spending time with them. God has blessed us with wonderful people around us.

     On Monday I had the most epic of Monday's ever. It was the first Monday of the month so that means All Staff meetings at The Crossing. For the Month of November we had some staff bonding time by watching The Avengers on the Silver Screen in the Orpheum. So I started my week, hanging out with the wonderful people I work with watching an amazing movie. No better way.  
     Then after a nice normal Tuesday, Yesterday I painted till I couldn't paint no
 mo! But the office is really coming along. After several weeks of slowly collecting and working we are just about there and after many talks on what color to paint the walls it's finally the icing on the cake. We are almost a real working office, here in good lil Hannimo. 

So what did your weekend look like? Did you get all artsy crafty or did you go bowling? Hope you week has started off amazing, and that if you have to paint that you have a full set of helping hands! :) 

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