Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Simple Story

     Everything was so new, the places, the food, the people. She was scared out of her mind, but she knew that this was the right path for her so she pressed on. Overwhelmed at times she slowly began to come out of her shell and make a small group of friends. Ironically they all seemed to be extroverts to her quiet introvert. After having been in her new home for 5 days the girls new friends finally convinced her to brave the outside and have some fun for the night. The small group of friends ventured to the coffee shop for a quiet evening of games and small talk.
     There was chatter all around and so many faces and conversations to take in, but from across the room there was one face that caught her eye. He was self assured, tall, blond and had an easy laugh. She smiled at the goofy gestures he was making but was far too shy to say a word, let along cross the room.
     Weeks passed and she began to think that the tall blond boy was a figment of her imagination. The from out of nowhere mutual friends aligned and there he was, several nights in a row and before she knew it acquaintances were made, friendships were formed and lots of time was spent watching movies and hanging out. 
     Before long they found themselves saving seats at dinner and taking walks in the evenings. Then it happened the friendship became something more, there were phone calls to fathers and then one cold evening under a sky full of stars that tall blond cutie asked me to go steady.
(I can't believe how young we look!)
     Yes, 5 years ago on Nov. 11 the cutest boy I know asked me to be his girlfriend. One of the easiest answers in my life. I can't believe that I have know this man for over a 5th of my life and we have so many amazing memories together. I'm glad that God brought you into my life Ethan Jameson. And I am so incredibly thankful that you picked me. Here's to another amazing 5 years and many, many more. 
     Thank you Jesus for the biggest blessing in my life. He is more than I deserve.

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