Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All About the Look

Hello my darling friends, 

     I've been rather sparse around these parts lately. Can't seem to push past this silly writers block, but I am attempting to come up with some fun ideas that will help with that. With that and the holidays coming up I am hoping that you'll be hearing lots from me! 
      I don't know what the weather has been like for you lately but since the weekend it's been down right frigid here! I believe it was 28* on Monday morning when I got up! Yikes! Penguins anyone? 
     Anyway the cooler weather has me in the mood for some cozy clothes! I realized the other day, when one of my sweaters came out of the laundry completely chewed that I might be in the market for an updated fall wardrobe. Now wether my bank account agrees with my closet is another story but I did some online "window shopping" just because!
     I have a pretty generic taste when it comes to clothes, fairly sweet, simple and cute is my motto. Also dresses and cardigans are always in season. Period. So naturally some of my favorite stores carry these types of items first would be Target. I know my hubby can't see the difference between Target and Walmart or why I would drive almost 2 hours to the nearest one just to shop but Target holds a special place in my heart no matter what he thinks. Maurices is right up there on the list, though I generally shop the clearance rack when I am there. (Who am I kidding? I shop the clearance rack EVERYWHERE.) Oh and one of my newer favorite stores is Francesca's. So classy and cute. 
 Without further ado here are a few of my favorite fall picks! 
 Who doesn't love boots? I have just about worn through every pair I have so I am seriously desiring a cute new pair or two or six... Also those little heels just caught my eye, they look adorable and practical! 
 I have been all about the scarves for quiet some time. I must confess I do already own probably 20 scarves and that's not an exaggeration. But I can always use more. Truth be told the big trend right now that I am giving into is the big patterns. Stripes. Polka dots. I would love a few with those! Oh and how adorable is that ruffly burgundy scarf? It feels so girly and dressy. I know that there is a necklace up there as well, I'm in love with the statement necklaces even though I have yet to purchase one. This one seemed like the perfect fall accessory in that deep hunter green.
       Lastly, this girl adores sweaters. Seriously. I am so cold natured that I can live in long sleeved garments 3/4 of the year. As I said before I am head over heels for the bold stripes this yeas so it's no surprise that several up there have them. Argyle is so stinking classic that I really need at least one of those in my closet as well as that academy cardigan. That a-semtrical one arm stripe slays me. I also can't pass up a lovely sweater dress, I think that one would look so cute with some tights and brown ankle boots, and if you get cold a light weight brown boy friend cardigan. Sounds just perfect to moi! 
     So the next time I come into some grand windfall I just might be hitting up the mall to collect these lovelies that need to come home with me. 
What are your some of your favorite fall fashions? Are you into sweaters and boots like I am or you more of a parka person? :) 



  1. I love Target, too! Luckily, we have one in Springfield, so it isn't quite as far of a drive. When we leave Nicaragua this month and head to the Philippines, we have a layover in LA, and lots of people have made plans to see friends, go eat somewhere. My plan: go to Target, lol.

    1. Baha! I love that! I have been trying to plan/save for a trip to target. (Is it sad that I have to save to make a target trip?) I just haven't just yet!


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