Monday, November 19, 2012

Can't contain my excitement!

Happy Tuesday My friends! 

     Ok, I can't hold it in any longer I just have to spill! I know for some time I have been hinting at and waiting for change to come and there are a few people close to Ethan and I that have been on this journey with us. But I want to let the rest of the world know about our BIG CHANGE now that it's official!
     On Friday Ethan and I had a whirlwind day as we left for a mini road trip (Mini qualifies as anything less than 3 hrs). I finished up work early and we headed to St. Louis. You might wonder what we were doing in St. Louis on a Friday afternoon. Well, while I was occupying my time with coffee and cameras and people watching in quaint lil Kirkwood....  
A very happy place for me!

My amazing Husband was acing his Missouri Life and Health insurance exam! You heard me right insurance. Dear ole Ethan is officially an employee of Aflac, and will be selling insurance in the North Eastern region of Missouri! We are beyond thrilled.
     To some this might seem like a bit of an over reaction to a job change and maybe it is, but E and I have been earnestly in prayer and waiting so patiently (sometimes not so patiently) for this. He has been on the job hunt for almost a year now, and I'm sure that doesn't seem that long, but when you are living day in and day out two different schedules it begins to wear on a couple. I'm not going to pretend that we aren't completely blessed and we are both completely grateful for the job that he had and the income that it provided but for us as a newly married couple it just wasn't the right fit for us any longer and we were so ready to begin the next chapter of our lives. 
    It almost seems surreal to be typing this, like I should be waiting or hedging our bets still, waiting for the other shoe to drop. You see in the last year or so that E has been on the job hunt there have been countless "No's" and "Not right nows" and I'm sure a few are to be expected but after several months of this, it was kind of difficult not to begin taking each one personal. 
     Either way we are now on the other side of that long cold climb and we are just brimming with excitement! Waiting with anticipation to see what God has in store for us in this next step. I just want to say thank you to all of our family and friends that have helped pray us through this season of wanting and waiting and for sticking by us when plans had to be rearranged or canceled because of wonky work schedules. We are so ready to take this leap of faith and are glad to have you all along for the ride! 

This is one of our biggest praises this Thanksgiving week, what are you thankful for? 

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