Monday, November 19, 2012

I will resist... Just 4 more days!

Happy Monday Friends.

     Here's the deal. I have no idea what has gotten into me this year. Normally I have this massive soap box about "Christmas can wait" and "give Thanksgiving it's time" because I'll be the first to tell you, Thanksgiving really is my favorite holiday but I seem to have Christmas fever this year. For 3 weeks now I have been pining away to put my Christmas tree up and to begin listening to some of my favorite Christmas music.
     I keep telling myself that I have to wait until after thanksgiving to really begin "Christmasing" and that I don't want to be burnt out on christmas when it actually gets here, but I am just like a kid this year! You would think I've been flipping through the big christmas catalog!
     Even though Ethan and I haven't exactly established "tree trimming traditions" (say that 5 times fast :P) There are a few things that I look forward to every year.

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas. I just love the part where Linus tells the true meaning of Christmas! Seeing as I was the angel in the Christmas play at church every year I can quote that whole scene and I just love it! 

2. Stockings. My parents always did a great job of making sure we had great Christmas memories, but one of my most cherished memories was every year clamoring for the mantle to take down the stockings and see what was in them. Sure they weren't the biggest or the shiniest presents but there is something so exciting about upending your stocking and dumping it out! Now i have introduced my husband to the tradition and and trying to teach him about proper "treats" to stash in stockings! 

3. The music. It seems that I get a new Christmas Album of some sort every year, and personally I don't see anything wrong with that! My current favorite is Dave Barnes' "Very Merry Christmas"

I love Dave Barnes anyway but Him+Christmas= A fresh and fun twist on some Christmas favorites as well as some amazing new songs! (also if you haven't ever watched his Christmas videos on YouTube, you should definitely start a new tradition, because he is stinking HILARIOUS!)

Also I am hoping very much to get Francesca Battistelli's New Christmas Album as my annual addition to my collection!

4. The day after Christmas. This might sound like an odd favorite but when I was growing up Christmas day was always so exciting, with family, food and presents, that I would actually look forward to the evening as things would die down and we would come down from our sugar high and just chill and then the next day to just have my immediate family around cleaning up Christmas leftovers, watching Christmas movie marathons and giving our new presents a good work out. I still look forward to this almost as much as Christmas day! 

In any case I am sure that by the end of the week I'll be un packing the boxes and digging into Christmas decorations! 

When do you normally "bring out Christmas"? I know last night driving through St. Louis it seemed everyone took advantage of the warm weekend and hung all of their Christmas lights! Are you an after Thanksgiving Traditionalist or are you digging into Christmas on Nov. 1?

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  1. So much about this post I LOVE!!!
    1. I've been in some kind of "mood" for Christmas since before Halloween!! Maybe because I was crafting Christmas goodies for my shop then? Usually, I don't want Christmas stuff until December 1st!
    2. We usually wait until December 1st to put the tree up, because my birthday is Nov. 30th and I want to celebrate it before Christmas.
    3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Francesca Battastelli!!! Like absolutely LOVE! I want that album really bad!
    4. I love Dave Barnes too...He's amazing!


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