Monday, November 12, 2012

Living Room Redo

Good Morning my bloggie friends, 
How was your weekend? I had such a busy weekend, but you know what? I feel like sometimes those busy ones are the most fun. 
I have a project that I have been working on a little at a time for a while. I have been wanting to re do the rather large wall over our couch for a while. It's a nice big space (albeit dark from the wood) but I knew I wanted to do something different with it. First of all I have light blue linen curtains and then I won some spiffy wall art from Aly's Blossom and Vine Shop so I kind of picked my theme around those colors. Teal and kind of light blue. Ever since then I have been gathering ideas from *ahem* Pinterest *ahem* and such and have also slowly gathering supplies. In the last few weeks I started putting together my little hand made gallery wall.

 This is a simple idea, a raised phrase on a canvas. I have made these in the past for wedding gifts and decided it was time my home had one as well.

 I have wanted for quite a while to make some kind of project with pieces of a map and I finally decided on how I wanted to it and made it into the one Ethan approved project in the gallery. 
 Then I decided to have some fun with paint chips. Being OCD I had to organize them of course but then I framed them and they made a lovely piece!

Lastly of course I had to just frame a cute little green G. I just love monograms! I feel like it just completes my little gallery wall. 
     Most of these were simple crafts but I had a blast putting them together and once the whole wall was complete it all came together rather nicely.

So what have you crafted lately? Have you made anything "Pinteresting" lately? 

I have had a lot of fun giving my living room a facelift. I have one more little project to complete the room be on the look out for that soon! 

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