Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Thursday Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving My friends! 

Have I mentioned that this is my FAVORITE holiday? A day filled with Parades, dog shows, food and family. But most of all Thankfulness for grace and mercy given to me by a heavenly father that I so do not deserve. So here a 5 things in my life I am so thankful for. (Some serious... some not so much.)
1.  This dude. My second Thanksgiving with him (As a married couple) (it's actually our 6th together) and I am so excited to celebrate so many more with him.
2. My two families!
The Geisendorfer side that we will spend the next 4 day with.

And the Wills family that I spent all last weekend with!

 3. This lovely little lady who has come back home to us after a hiatus and vacation at my parents house!
Check out the sweet new hair cut and the rocking new coat!!

4. My church/work/friends to most people this category might be more than one but these days I don't know were small group, work, church ends and where friends begin. They all kind of blend together and I love it that way, I get to see so many people that I love every day and it just makes me such a happy gal!

5. As of tomorrow, IT'S CHRISTMAS SEASON!! That means that I can start decking the hall and playing the music, it's going to be an amazing Christmas this year!
Our cute little tree last year. 
I just can't wait for all of the childhood favorite christmas movies and the Halmark specials! 

I hope you all have a blessed thanksgiving and an amazing day! 
(PS I'm THANKFUL for you)

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