Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrappin' Up Christmas

First of all let me tell you just how stinking glad I am to be back on a roll with my blog. Gee whiz there are a darn lot of pictures that I have been meaning to share with you and have yet to get to! Whew! 

As I roll right on through this last day of December and the last day of 2012 I want to share with you how E and I spent or Christmas. One thing that they never tell you when you get married is that one of the hardest parts of being married is figuring out how to spend your holiday break! Seriously. Not in a bad way at all but boy and I glad that we were both blessed with a week + worth of time off this year. I can't seem to recall how we managed last year! With all of that "leisure time" We made a trip 3 hrs south to my parents house, then we made a trip 1 hr north to his parents house and somewhere in there he has managed to squeeze a work day in Columbia and a weekly meeting! :) 

Our first Christmas this year wasn't actually during our 'Christmas marathon' it was actually the weekend if the 8th when we went home for Daniel's Eagle Ceremony (More on that later)

We got to get together with the Wills gang (Ha ha inside family joke, our answering machine message at one point referred to us as the 'willsgang' tough right?)

We saw my grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins and their ever growing number of kids.

Oh and this dude he's a cutie... and I claim him. 

This guy's not too bad either.

My uncle is training up his grandson in the art of hat wearing.... classy right? Only in St. Francois County.

Then later in the week we made the trip to the great MO North for the Geisendorfer Christmas.

My nieces and nephews are some of the funest people to give presents to.

They have the best reactions.

Every present is "just what they've always wanted"

As I mentioned before all of our gifts from E and I were hand made this year. 

The boys were thrilled with their hats.

For bonus points name what movie is on in the background.

Staying with the parents is always a blessing because it's a chance for us to be kids again. Between the whoopie fusion and the "flarp" and the games of Scattergories when mugging is a leisure activity it gives us a great chance to unwind and relax without the cares of everyday life. 

As far as gifts for these grown kids. E and I made out like fat rats! We were planning on keeping it simple between us since the money tree is having a rough season but no body mentioned that to our parents. They spoiled us rotten this year. I got a new Vera Bradley bag (score!) and he got a new PS3 Controller and we both were stoked beyond all reason to get a new set of sheets! (One of the few things we didn't get hardly any of when we got married.)

Ethan is also learning the art of stocking stuffers.

I think he is learning well... Chocolate and coffee. Well done, young grasshopper. I got him a few things such as batman (an action figure) a whoopie cusion and some flarp but as I said earlier the nephews gave most of those a work out and I think we only made it home with Batman!  

Also a tiny gift to me. A manicure. 

I think the last time I had my nails done professionally was before our wedding and I have been wanting to give this "shellac shenanigans" a try. It's a lovely dark green (that I totally copied off of Mallory) and I hope it holds up to all the claims of 2 + weeks without chips. Also if you take a peek at my pointer finger... yeah the hubby spoiled me a bit too. That's the start of my new stackable ring collection. 

So how was your Christmas? Any Mugging? Also anyone else have any answering machine memories? Ha that was back in the day! 

Have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve to all my wonderful friends!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A very homemade Christmas

"We now return to our regularly scheduled programing." (Hopefully)

Can I tell you all just how much I have missed you? Over the last month I have spent so many moments thinking "Man that would make an awesome blog post" and yet my evenings have been rather "tangled up" recently. 
     As most of you know late in November Ethan passed his MO insurance test and began working as an agent for the Hannibal base of Aflac and since this job is commissioned base, we knew that while he was getting started and trained the two of us will be living on my petite income for a while. To me this meant we would have to get creative for the holidays, since we wouldn't have extra spending money. To which my artsy side announced "Challenge Accepted" 
     The past 6 weeks I have spent every ounce of my free time with a pattern on my computer and a crochet hook in my hand, creating enough hats and ear warmers to warm the heads of everyone we know!
    I now present to you the fruits of my labor of love! I have been hesitant to publish this post till now because I didn't want to spoil presents for anyone that might be receiving one of these lovelies.
 I have been crocheting for several years and so I took this as my opportunity to have some fun and try some new patterns and even create a few of my own.
 I actually bought one of these several years ago that I used as a guide to begin with, but once I got the hang of what I was looking for I branched out.
 I loved the chance to use all kinds of different yarns and different hooks. You can make nearly the exact same pattern but change a couple small things and you have an entirely different look.
 The best part we getting the chance to make each one special and unique for each person. I often found myself thinking on these people and praying for them through out the day as I worked on their pieces.

 I actually sought out a local yarn shop and hand picked a few unique yarns so that I could try something different.

 As you can tell, I frequently got bored with a pattern and felt the need to change things up. That's beauty, there are no rules, as long as it ends up as a hat or ear warmer it didn't matter how I got there.
     I also found myself finding favorite yarns (mostly the more expensive ones :P) and favorite hooks as well. By the end I had definitely worked out what style and what size worked up the quickest and in the last weekend I was cranking out 4 or 5 hats a day. 
     This was such a fun project and with the need that we had I felt that I was able to make so many gifts for so many people and stay well within our budget. Now that is an accomplishing feeling!
     Here is the after picture with several of the presents all wrapped up!
This is a Christmas that even though the packages are small each and everyone came with a small piece of my heart. That means more to me than anything I could ever buy for anyone. 

Hopefully now that christmas is being cleaned up and we are moving into the new year I can reclaim my evenings and get back to a regular pattern with my lovely blog that I have missed so much. I cannot wait to share with you so many of the pictures that I have been saving and the other projects that I have been working on. 

I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to 2013! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas to all of you my lovely friends and blogger family
     I hope your Christmas Celebrations were wonderful yesterday and if you are part of the Geisendorfer clan not over yet! (It continues on into next week!!)  

     I just wanted to drop in today and wish you all a Happy Christmas and much love. 
     Here is our Christmas card this year along with some beautifully written lyrics that explain exactly how I feel about each card I send out.

"So I’m sending you this Christmas card
To let you know somebody loves you
And I’m singing you this little song
To let you know you’re not alone
And I’m thinking, as we celebrate, how Love came down
So every lost and lonely broken heart would get found
And wherever you are, I hope this Christmas card
Finds you and reminds you
You are loved"
~ Steven Curtis Chapman- Christmas Card~

So my friends know that you are loved, not just SO MUCH by me but also by an amazing heavenly father that sent you the best Christmas gift ever given. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Geisendorfers!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Peace I leave with you

     Have you ever experienced God's perfect timing? I'm sure if you listen to JoyFM very long you'll hear the talk about the right song at the right time, and I truly believe that God moves like that, but I also believe that there is so much more to His timing than just songs. He places people and experiences in our lives to grow us.
     All of that to say, I never cease to be amazed when this happens to me. Each time still feels like a love note all over again. Over a year ago when the sermon series was being set for the Christmas season, none could have known just how badly we would all need a message on real peace.
     Our current sermon series is for Christmas and it's called "Unwrapped" and each of the three weeks will be about different aspects of the Christmas story. In light of the the heart wrenching events on Friday today's sermon on peace was so beyond needed. 
     You see, Jerry pointed out that the way the world sees peace and how the Lord sees peace are two entirely different things. As it seems to be for so many things. But the beauty is, even when the world's "peace" seems to fail us and we are at a desperate loss for why things happen and how we can go on. God's peace that passes all understanding, and endures despite our circumstances continues on. It reminds us that there is more to this life and that the answer to our question of "why?" is Jesus. He answered death with life, and he answers our heavy hearts with a pace that never dies. It's beautifully complex, and yet miraculously simple. 
     Now I can't take credit for this, most of it comes straight from the sermon I heard this morning but it just got me to thinking, and it's so good I just can't, not share. When life catches up with you and you just can't seem to figure out why, look to Immanuel, prince of peace. His peace IS always with us. 

That's my simple thought or this Sunday.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friends!

Friday, December 14, 2012



     Hello there, long time no post huh? Has it really been over 3 weeks since Thanksgiving? My oh my. I have missed you, though it amazes me how easy it was it fall off the posting band wagon... 0_0 Oh noes!
     I have had so many adventures and have so many pictures to share. Not to mention I have 2 unposted birchboxes in my home! Ha ha, it will all come in due time!
     I guess what shoved be back on the writing bandwagon really was some deep pondering thoughts... sometimes I just feel like Pooh Bear sitting on his log "think, think, think" so many thoughts swirling in my head.
     Today's deep thought is brought to you by something beautiful that I saw last night.
     It's been unseasonably warm in the midwest, late in the fall and last night I stepped out on my front porch and was struck by all the stars I could see in the night sky. I grew up way outside of any town so when all the porch lights were off the sky just seemed to go on forever with stars. That is really something I miss living in town is the ability to see all those stars. So last night when I could see all thought little lights I knew I had to soak it up, then I found out a bit later that last night was actually the Geminid Meteor shower, so while I was out there in the balmy 45* weather soaking up one of my favorite of God's creation I was treated to a little extra show. The stars were set in motion.

     I sat there in the silence, wrapped up in my favorite quilt, snuggling a puppy and I was just reminded of the beauty that is grace. There are things in my life that I'm not proud of, and choices that I have made that I wouldn't repeat and pretty much I am a dirty, stinky sinner, and yet the perfect loving omnipresent God that set the heavens to spinning sees me and loves me still. 
     I think this is a daily epiphany for me. Life isn't perfect and the world is far from it, and there are daily reminders of just how little I actually deserve love, or even life for that matter and yet, HE DOES love me. In just 12 days we will be celebrating one of the biggest displays of that love. He left those beautiful star wrapped skies and came here to this dirty, imperfect world, over two thousand years ago, so that I could be loved. So that there could be more to MY life. 
     That same God, Father, Abba is constantly reminding this "words of affirmation" girl that HE loves me and that's all I need. My worth is in him, and no words from anyone here on this earth will ever amount to more than that, or take it away from me. That is real, true unconditional love that says no matter what. He has shown me what "love really means". 
     Today, I don't know if you're overflowing with happiness or if you are aching on the inside but no matter what you feel, KNOW this. Beyond a shadow of a doubt HE loves you, He wants you, and you are his beloved. He came for you, He died for you and He's not going anywhere.
     I'm not sure if that's more a reminder for you guys or if my heart really needed to hear it, but wither way. It's truth. Have a wonderful weekend my friends.
This song just really fits what I needed to hear this morning, with all of these thoughts in my head.
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