Friday, December 14, 2012



     Hello there, long time no post huh? Has it really been over 3 weeks since Thanksgiving? My oh my. I have missed you, though it amazes me how easy it was it fall off the posting band wagon... 0_0 Oh noes!
     I have had so many adventures and have so many pictures to share. Not to mention I have 2 unposted birchboxes in my home! Ha ha, it will all come in due time!
     I guess what shoved be back on the writing bandwagon really was some deep pondering thoughts... sometimes I just feel like Pooh Bear sitting on his log "think, think, think" so many thoughts swirling in my head.
     Today's deep thought is brought to you by something beautiful that I saw last night.
     It's been unseasonably warm in the midwest, late in the fall and last night I stepped out on my front porch and was struck by all the stars I could see in the night sky. I grew up way outside of any town so when all the porch lights were off the sky just seemed to go on forever with stars. That is really something I miss living in town is the ability to see all those stars. So last night when I could see all thought little lights I knew I had to soak it up, then I found out a bit later that last night was actually the Geminid Meteor shower, so while I was out there in the balmy 45* weather soaking up one of my favorite of God's creation I was treated to a little extra show. The stars were set in motion.

     I sat there in the silence, wrapped up in my favorite quilt, snuggling a puppy and I was just reminded of the beauty that is grace. There are things in my life that I'm not proud of, and choices that I have made that I wouldn't repeat and pretty much I am a dirty, stinky sinner, and yet the perfect loving omnipresent God that set the heavens to spinning sees me and loves me still. 
     I think this is a daily epiphany for me. Life isn't perfect and the world is far from it, and there are daily reminders of just how little I actually deserve love, or even life for that matter and yet, HE DOES love me. In just 12 days we will be celebrating one of the biggest displays of that love. He left those beautiful star wrapped skies and came here to this dirty, imperfect world, over two thousand years ago, so that I could be loved. So that there could be more to MY life. 
     That same God, Father, Abba is constantly reminding this "words of affirmation" girl that HE loves me and that's all I need. My worth is in him, and no words from anyone here on this earth will ever amount to more than that, or take it away from me. That is real, true unconditional love that says no matter what. He has shown me what "love really means". 
     Today, I don't know if you're overflowing with happiness or if you are aching on the inside but no matter what you feel, KNOW this. Beyond a shadow of a doubt HE loves you, He wants you, and you are his beloved. He came for you, He died for you and He's not going anywhere.
     I'm not sure if that's more a reminder for you guys or if my heart really needed to hear it, but wither way. It's truth. Have a wonderful weekend my friends.
This song just really fits what I needed to hear this morning, with all of these thoughts in my head.

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