Sunday, December 16, 2012

Peace I leave with you

     Have you ever experienced God's perfect timing? I'm sure if you listen to JoyFM very long you'll hear the talk about the right song at the right time, and I truly believe that God moves like that, but I also believe that there is so much more to His timing than just songs. He places people and experiences in our lives to grow us.
     All of that to say, I never cease to be amazed when this happens to me. Each time still feels like a love note all over again. Over a year ago when the sermon series was being set for the Christmas season, none could have known just how badly we would all need a message on real peace.
     Our current sermon series is for Christmas and it's called "Unwrapped" and each of the three weeks will be about different aspects of the Christmas story. In light of the the heart wrenching events on Friday today's sermon on peace was so beyond needed. 
     You see, Jerry pointed out that the way the world sees peace and how the Lord sees peace are two entirely different things. As it seems to be for so many things. But the beauty is, even when the world's "peace" seems to fail us and we are at a desperate loss for why things happen and how we can go on. God's peace that passes all understanding, and endures despite our circumstances continues on. It reminds us that there is more to this life and that the answer to our question of "why?" is Jesus. He answered death with life, and he answers our heavy hearts with a pace that never dies. It's beautifully complex, and yet miraculously simple. 
     Now I can't take credit for this, most of it comes straight from the sermon I heard this morning but it just got me to thinking, and it's so good I just can't, not share. When life catches up with you and you just can't seem to figure out why, look to Immanuel, prince of peace. His peace IS always with us. 

That's my simple thought or this Sunday.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friends!

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