Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrappin' Up Christmas

First of all let me tell you just how stinking glad I am to be back on a roll with my blog. Gee whiz there are a darn lot of pictures that I have been meaning to share with you and have yet to get to! Whew! 

As I roll right on through this last day of December and the last day of 2012 I want to share with you how E and I spent or Christmas. One thing that they never tell you when you get married is that one of the hardest parts of being married is figuring out how to spend your holiday break! Seriously. Not in a bad way at all but boy and I glad that we were both blessed with a week + worth of time off this year. I can't seem to recall how we managed last year! With all of that "leisure time" We made a trip 3 hrs south to my parents house, then we made a trip 1 hr north to his parents house and somewhere in there he has managed to squeeze a work day in Columbia and a weekly meeting! :) 

Our first Christmas this year wasn't actually during our 'Christmas marathon' it was actually the weekend if the 8th when we went home for Daniel's Eagle Ceremony (More on that later)

We got to get together with the Wills gang (Ha ha inside family joke, our answering machine message at one point referred to us as the 'willsgang' tough right?)

We saw my grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins and their ever growing number of kids.

Oh and this dude he's a cutie... and I claim him. 

This guy's not too bad either.

My uncle is training up his grandson in the art of hat wearing.... classy right? Only in St. Francois County.

Then later in the week we made the trip to the great MO North for the Geisendorfer Christmas.

My nieces and nephews are some of the funest people to give presents to.

They have the best reactions.

Every present is "just what they've always wanted"

As I mentioned before all of our gifts from E and I were hand made this year. 

The boys were thrilled with their hats.

For bonus points name what movie is on in the background.

Staying with the parents is always a blessing because it's a chance for us to be kids again. Between the whoopie fusion and the "flarp" and the games of Scattergories when mugging is a leisure activity it gives us a great chance to unwind and relax without the cares of everyday life. 

As far as gifts for these grown kids. E and I made out like fat rats! We were planning on keeping it simple between us since the money tree is having a rough season but no body mentioned that to our parents. They spoiled us rotten this year. I got a new Vera Bradley bag (score!) and he got a new PS3 Controller and we both were stoked beyond all reason to get a new set of sheets! (One of the few things we didn't get hardly any of when we got married.)

Ethan is also learning the art of stocking stuffers.

I think he is learning well... Chocolate and coffee. Well done, young grasshopper. I got him a few things such as batman (an action figure) a whoopie cusion and some flarp but as I said earlier the nephews gave most of those a work out and I think we only made it home with Batman!  

Also a tiny gift to me. A manicure. 

I think the last time I had my nails done professionally was before our wedding and I have been wanting to give this "shellac shenanigans" a try. It's a lovely dark green (that I totally copied off of Mallory) and I hope it holds up to all the claims of 2 + weeks without chips. Also if you take a peek at my pointer finger... yeah the hubby spoiled me a bit too. That's the start of my new stackable ring collection. 

So how was your Christmas? Any Mugging? Also anyone else have any answering machine memories? Ha that was back in the day! 

Have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve to all my wonderful friends!

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