Friday, January 18, 2013

High 5 for Friday

Hello friends, 

Ah it's Friday yet again! The best part? It's been a really great week. We have settled back into the "normal"and it is a beautiful thing.

I'm linking up with Lauren From My Grey Desk for her High 5 for Friday to show you the highlights of my week!

1. Over the weekend E and I got to have a much needed date at one of my VERY favorite places, Applebees! (I blame my grandmother for getting me hooked at a very young age)

2. This goofy dude. I know I say it a lot, but I am SO very thankful for him. He is my protector and defender and I must say I love the amount of time I get to spend with him now that he has a new job! 

3. That would be our truck antenna. Yep, completely covered in a THICK layer of ice! E and I were in Columbia on Saturday and had to hurry back because the weather was getting nasty and this is what our antenna looked like by the time we were mostly home! It was kind of scary but an adventure at the same time. I knew with Ethan driving we would make it home safe.

4. This week I have committed to getting my hiney back in the gym after my slacking off over Christmas and it feels great! I have been running in the mornings and as I mentioned on Wednesday I'm  training for a 1/2 marathon in April. (I know I may be half crazy but I love having that goal)

5. I finally got into one of my favorite Christmas Presents. This lovely soap, it smells so yummy and it makes my skin feel so soft! Thanks again Momma!

That's my nice normal week for you. I'm so thankful for it and glad to be living this little life God gave me, it sure is a sweet one. 

What are you going to do with your Friday? I always get so stoked for them but normally we just have a nice relaxing night at home. Any big plans? Maybe I'll be inspired to do something different!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Something New

I admit some of you may not find this totally exciting but I sure do. 
     I got new glasses this week! For the most part I am a contact wearing kind of gal but when I go in for an eye dr. visit I normally get both my prescriptions renewed so that they match! Plus who doesn't see their glasses as an accessory? And this girl won't say no to a new accessory! 
     Last time I got glasses (probably sometime in high school) I ended up getting two pair, mostly because it was a good deal but I found I really liked having two pair. That was my plan going into it this time. 
     I ended up ordering my glasses online, which is a new concept to me, but I found a great deal and am VERY happy with them!

This has got to be my favorite pair. I'm not sure why they appealed to me. Maybe it's the Superman fan in me, but I just think they are so cute! 

And here is my other pair. Simple classy and easy to wear with just about anything! 

So what do you think? Do you like? :D 

*Sadly my FAVORITE pair was literally wearing away at my nose. So.... I had to exchange them. As soon as I have my new pair I'll be sure to share! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time to kick some booty!!

So this morning I did something I haven't done in nearly a month.
I hauled my sorry self out of bed around dark:30
Strapped on my tennis shoes
and hit the gym.
I'm sure everybody and their brother has some kind of new years resolution.
Myself, I prefer not to set vague resolutions,
I would rather set a real, obtainable goal.
Something in a real time frame,
with solid numbers 
and a goal I can reach.

That's why
I am working toward April
the end to be exact.
That is when the rock n' roll marathon will be
in Nashville,
Now I haven't registered just yet
I have to talk my hubby into making the drive
however wether I am crazy or not
I am officially in training for the Rock n' Roll half marathon.

I found some inspiration from Raechel Myers
She, like me does not like to run
BUT has decided to kick running in the butt and do something about it
so I decided to take the challenge and complete something I started

Now I am only one day in
and as I said I have not registered yet
but I'm not just going to sit on this
I'm getting up and going somewhere
I'm hoping that you all will help keep me accountable,
because it's about time that I had a new goal.
it's about time I finish something.
It's about time I kick some booty!  

Friday, January 11, 2013

High 5 for Friday

Whoa! Would you look at that! We made it to Friday! Go us! 

How has your week been? Personally I am so glad to finally get back in my routine after a break for Christmas. It's always awesome to have a break but I find that I really do enjoy 'structure'! So really this week was just a normal one. Here's my High 5 for Friday and I'll be linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk.

1.I started out the week trying to kick a certain stomach bug in the butt. So I guess it's not exactly a "high" but it was how my week started.
2.On monday the last of my "Happy mail" after christmas presents came. I am so thrilled to have a couple more colors of Zoya polish in my collection. Seriously, I was introduced to it by Birchbox but Zoya did all of the convincing with their great product!
3.I have almost made it through 2 whole weeks with this Gel manicure and it looks amazing! Is it wonderful to not have to worry about my nails getting chippy and worn? Sure it is, but has it been worth the $$ Nah I think not. Plus I haven't even really looked into removing the manicure so I have no idea how much of a process that will be.
4. This new album has been playing on repeat since Wednesday. Fantastic to say the least! Burning lights has become my newest music obsession!
5.Lastly I started a new book. Lately it seems that I don't have a great rep with finishing books but this is one I have always wanted to read! Maybe I'll even get E to read it's 'dude' counterpart.

That has been my week in a nut shell. As you can see I am just starting out on a few of my plans for the new year. I'm going to do my best to turn them all over to God and let him have control over the year and see where that lands us at New Years Eve 2013. I'm excited, how about you?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thankful Thursday

     As you may have guessed I am the kind of gal that likes to keep things real and mix it up. I don't always do the same kind of posts every week, but I feel like this is just one habit I just can't shake. (and I'm ok with it) 
     Thankfulness isn't just something that I need to do on Thursdays, or even with I "think about it". Rather I think it should be a lifestyle and an attitude that I should be cultivating on a second by second basis. So here I am back again on a Thursday with more than enough to be thankful for!

1. I am thankful for my health! Holy cow I am so glad to be feeling better after last weekend!

2. My amazing job. It's always a great reminder when we get together at the beginning of the month for all staff. I love the people I work with and the work I get to do. It's so fulfilling.

3. Wonderful family, both the one I was born into and the one that I married into. After spending the holidays with them all I am reminded how much I love every one of them.

4. A new phone! This one holds a charge and actually places phone calls. Its a miracle! 

5. Sight. I got new glasses this week and it really is amazing how much easier your life is when you can see clearly!

These are just a few of all that I have to be thankful for. Especially with all the "extra blessings" that come around Christmas.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year / New Living Room

Ok so it's not entirely a new living room I just changed up my wall art. But I felt that the one little mention and the lame camera phone pictures that I posted before just didn't do it justice. Maybe I'm a bit biased. But it is my blog! :)

My first piece is a beautiful print from Aly Allen over at Blossom & Vine. (And her adorable shot by the same name.) It's very much how I feel about my home. When people are here I want them to feel that same grace that's been given to me.

This is an idea I got from Pinterest. I actually think that the link took you to a store where you could buy something that looked similar to this canvas but really it's couldn't have been easier to make. With a blank canvas some wooden letters and a can of glossy white spray paint I have made several of these (all with different phrases) and given them as wedding gifts. I felt it was time to have one in my home as well.

Yet another Pinspiration, as with all of these projects it has my own personal touch, but the idea is the same. I just took some maps and cut hearts around E's home town and my own and then the center one is where we currently live. This was by far the easiest of my projects but I like how it turned out and that it doesn't look like something a first grader would make... even though they totally could!

Next we have paint chips. Plain and simple I just covered a sheet of paper in a kind of fading gradient pattern and glued those puppies down. (and no I didn't go and take all of these for myself. We had a bunch at the office from when we painted!

Last as far as wall art goes is my love for monograms. It's really just a cute tiny frame and a green G that was used as decor for one of my bridal showers. It's simple and elegant and I think it's so stinking cute! 

And here is the finished project! I think I like the way they are arranged... I may end up changing them... I'm never sure about that kind of thing!

Now the last, last is a project that I have been meaning to do for over a year now. When I saw this on Pinterest I was just hooked! The word nerd in me loved the idea and hey we needed coasters so why not! I just ordered a set of scrabble tiles on line, bought some cork from Hobby Lobby (the happiest place on earth) and glued them down and finished it with a couple coats of Mod Podge. Now if I had to do this again I might have found something different to coat them with sick the Mod Podge never totally looses it's 'stick' but they are cute and the work for the time being. So I'm happy. (Also I have to mention I had to you sweeter happier words than the Pinterest version. I didn't need coasters with a bunch of booze related words around my house!) 

(it was a fun challenge to come up with enough related, four letter words, that I still had the right letters for. It was like a crafty version of scrabble... or boggle!)

So now my living room looks fresh and happy for the new year, just like me! 

Have you made anything recently from Pinterest?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Have I mentioned to you guys, I have a new favorite show! 

Ok so it's not so new to me. More like something that I found on Netflix while I was off my feet from surgery this summer. But that is beside the point.

It's a show that I fell in love with because it just had that classic feel. I was that girl that had a love for victorian era writing and have ready just about everything that Jane Austin has written. This show though takes the cake!

It's Downton Abbey.

It's got the feel of a Jane Austin novel but it doesn't end after the last page. It's a BBC show that just premiered it's 3rd season here in America this past Sunday, and I am so excited to see where this season goes. From 1912 and the sinking of the Titanic in season 1 to The marriage proposal that everyone has been waiting for that left us waiting on pins and needles at the end of season 2. This has been one of my favorite masterpiece classics to date. I know not everyone is a history or romance nerd like I am but if you have Netflix I urge you to check out the first season and give it a chance. I can also honestly say I was really hooked when I went back and watched the first 2 seasons again. I got so much out of it and Downton really is a thought provoking show. If you have seen the first two seasons be sure to tune in for season 3 next Sunday! I hope you come to love it as much as I have.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Eagle

In my family we all grew up in scouting. 
It was just something that I wanted to do when I was little and loved it once I got into it. The same can be said for my brothers, they got into it and my parent's jumped in and before you know it, scouting was a 'Family thing'. It was something that we all enjoyed and my brothers and I all decided to get the highest awards we could.

A few weeks ago my youngest brother was the final kid in the family to do just that. He earned his Eagle Scout.

He has been in scouting as long as a kid can. From 1st grade as a tiger cub,

All the way through till he turned 18.

Scouting gave him an opportunity to do all kinds of things. One of the yearly favorites was pinewood derby! 

Scouting also reaches to our extended family. Our male Cousins all received their Eagle Awards also. 

My parents couldn't have been been prouder. Even for all of the work He did mom and Dad did as much to help and encourage him.

After 12 years and lots of hard work this award is well deserved.

Congratulations little dude, you have made me one proud sister! 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just a few thoughts

So it's official. 
I may have been fighting it for a few days but whatever this sickness is it has a solid hold on me. 
I have been confined to the couch for 2 days now. Bailey and Netflix as my only companions with ginger tea and gatorade as my "snacks". I think that I have just about exhausted everything that I haven't seen/am interested in on Netflix and I must say I am looking forward to trying to get to church this morning more than ever. I think I can safely say I am going "couch crazy".

Anyway none of that really has anything to do with what I have to share with you today. 
I just have a fun little glimpse of every day life with the Geisendorfers.

We recently made a visit to my parent's house for Christmas, and when we visit my poor baby brother has to vacate his room to make space for the two extra bodies in the   house. My husband being the goofball he is decides that Daniel's swing choir suit jacket looks like fun and decides to try it on.

I present to you. John Travolta. 


That's right ladies. This man is a stud muffin, and he's all mine. 
I just couldn't resist. I think he's adorable and I had to share.

I hope this puts a smile on your face and that you have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Song for Saturday

     Ah, finally the weekend has come around. After time off for Christmas it has been an adjustment trying to get back on schedule. Coming back into the week in the middle has made it even more interesting. Not that I'm complaining.... because I LOVE MY JOB so it's nice to be back.
     With all of the hub bub over the new year one thing has been on my mind for a few days, or some one rather. Her name is Esther. You see she lived over two millennium ago and yet her story is still told. She made an influence and she is remembered. The beauty of it though, the book named after her in the bible never explicitly mentions the name of God but when her story is told the glory always goes to His name. Anyway One of my favorite "stepping stone" verses is Esther 4:14. Mordecai reminds her that the Lord has brought her to this place and point in her life for such a time as this. It's such a good reminder to me that no matter how my life changes God has a plan for this moment.Where he has put me.

This beautiful song about Esther is a part of an album written for "The Story" and sung by the wonderful Mandisa. Let it remind you of His plan for each moment of your 2013.   

Have a wonderful weekend friends.

Friday, January 4, 2013

High 5 for Friday

One of the best things about getting back in the swing of things is getting to be a part of some of my favorite link ups once again. 

That's right it's High 5 for Friday! With Lauren from My Grey Desk.

1. Christmas Eve service at The Crossing: Hannibal. Something I will never forget and am so glad I was able to be a part of such a touching reaching message.

2. One of my favorite Christmas presents all year. I finally have a batman shirt!

3. Christmas with some of my favorite kiddos. They all are great to give gifts to. Everything is "awesome" and "just what they've always wanted" I love it!

4. Gag gifts with the in-laws. Orange Mustaches speak for themselves.

5. It's finally January. The sky was such a beautiful reflection of winter the other afternoon.

It has been a jam packed couple of holiday weeks. This is just a small snapshot of all the fun that has been had.

 I can say without a doubt this has been one of my favorite Christmas seasons ever!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Style

I promise I won't be talking about Christmas much longer. But I have so much to share and I am trying to catch you all up on our lives.

Decorating for Christmas has always been a thing of anticipation and excitement for me and I think I have my mother and Grandmother to blame for that. They never went overly crazy with the decor but you always knew when you walked into one of their homes that it was the Christmas season and it felt very cozy. Now that I have my own place I get to do a little decoration of my own. 

Since I am a newly wed (I love that status and will probably claim it another 3 years at least) and on a budget where did I turn of all of my decor ideas? Why Pinterest of course! A lot of my home is festooned in hand made and home made goodies some of my own creation and some with some help from a little pinspiration.  
Thank goodness for hand-me-downs. Just a few years ago my darling mother in law decided to downsize her Christmas tree so we got their old one. And with some Charlie Brown-esque magic I think it's pretty darn cute! 
The lights are actually reused twinkle lights from our wedding! Score for re-using some of that precious wedding budget. The garland came from a pin. It is actually crinoline (also left over from our wedding) painstakingly tied in little strands around another strand of lights! That's one of those things I am glad that I can make it once and re use it! 
Also I decided for a few years at least we were going to go with a rustic Christmas look and made a ruffled burlap tree skirt. It was sort of a Pinterest idea with a Lydia spin. All in all it was pretty simple to make.
Also made of burlap are our stockings. In hind site that's not really much room for goodies down in there and our next set (in a few years) will be a bit bigger! That is actually made of the same burlap as the tree skirt as well as left over (after it was hemmed) wedding dress material! 
This little wreath was one of my grandmothers that has been given new life with a yarn wrapped G and some "snow" pom pons
Lastly is one of my favorite sayings from Elf. I simply did it up in cute subway art style printed it off and framed it. I may actually consider making some thing like this as gifts in the future.
That is how our home welcomes you in for the holidays. Do you make much yourself? Have you found anything on Pinterest that you just loved and decided to make your own?

I hope you enjoy this mini tour and come back next Christmas to see what else I decide to deck the halls with! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

People Watching

Hello sweet friends,

Have you ever gone people watching? It may sound like an odd past time but this introvert rather enjoys when I get a chance (and some lovely weather) to just sit and slow down as people go on with life around me. A few weeks ago when Ethan went to go take his insurance test I had a few hours to myself so I took advantage of the time and did  a few of my favorite things. Sipped some coffee, I snapped some pictures and I enjoyed life going on around me. 
 It was a beautiful afternoon right about that time when the sunlight gets really golden.
 A camera and some coffee is all it takes to make this girl happy.
 It really is fun to just take in all the people.
 These guys were adorable with all of their skate tricks and their "kick flips"
 You see, school had just let out and this little square is where they all flooded too. Some kids got coffee and some just sat and chatted.
 This old train platform looked beautiful in the setting sunlight.

 Have I ever mentioned that Kaldis Coffee is my favorite! Forget that green stuff, I enjoy their coffee and the fact that they are locally owned and operated.

 Another favorite.

They were also setting up all of their Christmas decoration. It was a lovely relaxing afternoon when I just got a chance to unwind and not think too hard. To me that's priceless.

How about you? How do you relax and unwind and what's your favorite coffee?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fresh Start

{Insert obligatory new years post here} 

Right? Well, this is kind of like that but really it's just me being reflective more than anything. I know that most people will tell you that making new years resolutions will set you up for failure. But with looking back at the past year how can you not want to look at all you've done, both right and wrong and NOT want to make a plan for the next year! I mean it's like looking at a giant open blank canvas, I know I'm not everyone but at least for me I have an idea before I even begin to make a stroke. Sure that idea may evolve as I create but I'm certainly not one just jump in head long (no offense meant to those who do, it's just not how I do things).

A few things that I am looking forward to in 2013.

- Seeing how #shereadstruth grows I may not have been around since the very beginning but as long as I have been involved I can't believe how it has grown. We are starting the year off with a "Fresh Start" study. I am thrilled that I have found this body of fellow believing women online.
- Watching where this little blog goes. I have been at it (off and on) since march and I really can't believe how much fun it has been to have. I'd not say that I've made it big or that I am famous by any means but it sure means a lot to me to share my heart and to know that some one is listening and that's more than enough.

- Deepening my spiritual relationship. One thing that I really struggle with is a consistency in my quiet time and really letting go (and not picking back up) my heart and the burdens of my heart. I am jumping at the chance for a fresh start and a new day to start over with my ever faithful Jesus. [Plus what better way to start a new journey than with a new journal]

- Building up my Husband and our marriage. In the picture there is a book that I found while wandering the journal isle of Barnes and Noble (I just love that store). It is a kind of fill in the blank kind of journal and it's full of prompts about what you love about your spouse. I can't wait to fill it in and share this with E.

- Pouring into lives. I have found that one of the best ways to grow my spiritual relationship and relationships with others is to give and keep giving. It seems that far too often my heart looks inward and wants to know what's in it for me and when is it my turn but if there is one thing that the end of the year always reminds me, it is that I am much more content with my life and my heart when I am pouring out and not focused on me.

- Being a good steward. So often I am reminded none too subtly that I am overly blessed. The one thing that I am expected to do with all that I am blessed with is to return it to him and bring him glory. So from my life to my health and my earnings, I want to take back my focus and lock it in on the one who deserves all the glory. 

Call them resolutions or call them what you will. I have been given a new fresh canvas for the year and this chapter of my life and this is my plan for it (for now at least). 

What will you do with 2013?

See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the desert
    and streams in the wasteland. 

Isaiah 43:19
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