Monday, January 7, 2013

Another Eagle

In my family we all grew up in scouting. 
It was just something that I wanted to do when I was little and loved it once I got into it. The same can be said for my brothers, they got into it and my parent's jumped in and before you know it, scouting was a 'Family thing'. It was something that we all enjoyed and my brothers and I all decided to get the highest awards we could.

A few weeks ago my youngest brother was the final kid in the family to do just that. He earned his Eagle Scout.

He has been in scouting as long as a kid can. From 1st grade as a tiger cub,

All the way through till he turned 18.

Scouting gave him an opportunity to do all kinds of things. One of the yearly favorites was pinewood derby! 

Scouting also reaches to our extended family. Our male Cousins all received their Eagle Awards also. 

My parents couldn't have been been prouder. Even for all of the work He did mom and Dad did as much to help and encourage him.

After 12 years and lots of hard work this award is well deserved.

Congratulations little dude, you have made me one proud sister! 

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