Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Style

I promise I won't be talking about Christmas much longer. But I have so much to share and I am trying to catch you all up on our lives.

Decorating for Christmas has always been a thing of anticipation and excitement for me and I think I have my mother and Grandmother to blame for that. They never went overly crazy with the decor but you always knew when you walked into one of their homes that it was the Christmas season and it felt very cozy. Now that I have my own place I get to do a little decoration of my own. 

Since I am a newly wed (I love that status and will probably claim it another 3 years at least) and on a budget where did I turn of all of my decor ideas? Why Pinterest of course! A lot of my home is festooned in hand made and home made goodies some of my own creation and some with some help from a little pinspiration.  
Thank goodness for hand-me-downs. Just a few years ago my darling mother in law decided to downsize her Christmas tree so we got their old one. And with some Charlie Brown-esque magic I think it's pretty darn cute! 
The lights are actually reused twinkle lights from our wedding! Score for re-using some of that precious wedding budget. The garland came from a pin. It is actually crinoline (also left over from our wedding) painstakingly tied in little strands around another strand of lights! That's one of those things I am glad that I can make it once and re use it! 
Also I decided for a few years at least we were going to go with a rustic Christmas look and made a ruffled burlap tree skirt. It was sort of a Pinterest idea with a Lydia spin. All in all it was pretty simple to make.
Also made of burlap are our stockings. In hind site that's not really much room for goodies down in there and our next set (in a few years) will be a bit bigger! That is actually made of the same burlap as the tree skirt as well as left over (after it was hemmed) wedding dress material! 
This little wreath was one of my grandmothers that has been given new life with a yarn wrapped G and some "snow" pom pons
Lastly is one of my favorite sayings from Elf. I simply did it up in cute subway art style printed it off and framed it. I may actually consider making some thing like this as gifts in the future.
That is how our home welcomes you in for the holidays. Do you make much yourself? Have you found anything on Pinterest that you just loved and decided to make your own?

I hope you enjoy this mini tour and come back next Christmas to see what else I decide to deck the halls with! 

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