Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Year / New Living Room

Ok so it's not entirely a new living room I just changed up my wall art. But I felt that the one little mention and the lame camera phone pictures that I posted before just didn't do it justice. Maybe I'm a bit biased. But it is my blog! :)

My first piece is a beautiful print from Aly Allen over at Blossom & Vine. (And her adorable shot by the same name.) It's very much how I feel about my home. When people are here I want them to feel that same grace that's been given to me.

This is an idea I got from Pinterest. I actually think that the link took you to a store where you could buy something that looked similar to this canvas but really it's couldn't have been easier to make. With a blank canvas some wooden letters and a can of glossy white spray paint I have made several of these (all with different phrases) and given them as wedding gifts. I felt it was time to have one in my home as well.

Yet another Pinspiration, as with all of these projects it has my own personal touch, but the idea is the same. I just took some maps and cut hearts around E's home town and my own and then the center one is where we currently live. This was by far the easiest of my projects but I like how it turned out and that it doesn't look like something a first grader would make... even though they totally could!

Next we have paint chips. Plain and simple I just covered a sheet of paper in a kind of fading gradient pattern and glued those puppies down. (and no I didn't go and take all of these for myself. We had a bunch at the office from when we painted!

Last as far as wall art goes is my love for monograms. It's really just a cute tiny frame and a green G that was used as decor for one of my bridal showers. It's simple and elegant and I think it's so stinking cute! 

And here is the finished project! I think I like the way they are arranged... I may end up changing them... I'm never sure about that kind of thing!

Now the last, last is a project that I have been meaning to do for over a year now. When I saw this on Pinterest I was just hooked! The word nerd in me loved the idea and hey we needed coasters so why not! I just ordered a set of scrabble tiles on line, bought some cork from Hobby Lobby (the happiest place on earth) and glued them down and finished it with a couple coats of Mod Podge. Now if I had to do this again I might have found something different to coat them with sick the Mod Podge never totally looses it's 'stick' but they are cute and the work for the time being. So I'm happy. (Also I have to mention I had to you sweeter happier words than the Pinterest version. I didn't need coasters with a bunch of booze related words around my house!) 

(it was a fun challenge to come up with enough related, four letter words, that I still had the right letters for. It was like a crafty version of scrabble... or boggle!)

So now my living room looks fresh and happy for the new year, just like me! 

Have you made anything recently from Pinterest?


  1. I love the paint chip picture! I may have to steal that idea! :)

  2. oh my goodness! I love how it all turned out! and I LOVE those coasters. I will be making those ASAP:)


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