Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Something New

I admit some of you may not find this totally exciting but I sure do. 
     I got new glasses this week! For the most part I am a contact wearing kind of gal but when I go in for an eye dr. visit I normally get both my prescriptions renewed so that they match! Plus who doesn't see their glasses as an accessory? And this girl won't say no to a new accessory! 
     Last time I got glasses (probably sometime in high school) I ended up getting two pair, mostly because it was a good deal but I found I really liked having two pair. That was my plan going into it this time. 
     I ended up ordering my glasses online, which is a new concept to me, but I found a great deal and am VERY happy with them!

This has got to be my favorite pair. I'm not sure why they appealed to me. Maybe it's the Superman fan in me, but I just think they are so cute! 

And here is my other pair. Simple classy and easy to wear with just about anything! 

So what do you think? Do you like? :D 

*Sadly my FAVORITE pair was literally wearing away at my nose. So.... I had to exchange them. As soon as I have my new pair I'll be sure to share! 

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