Saturday, January 5, 2013

Song for Saturday

     Ah, finally the weekend has come around. After time off for Christmas it has been an adjustment trying to get back on schedule. Coming back into the week in the middle has made it even more interesting. Not that I'm complaining.... because I LOVE MY JOB so it's nice to be back.
     With all of the hub bub over the new year one thing has been on my mind for a few days, or some one rather. Her name is Esther. You see she lived over two millennium ago and yet her story is still told. She made an influence and she is remembered. The beauty of it though, the book named after her in the bible never explicitly mentions the name of God but when her story is told the glory always goes to His name. Anyway One of my favorite "stepping stone" verses is Esther 4:14. Mordecai reminds her that the Lord has brought her to this place and point in her life for such a time as this. It's such a good reminder to me that no matter how my life changes God has a plan for this moment.Where he has put me.

This beautiful song about Esther is a part of an album written for "The Story" and sung by the wonderful Mandisa. Let it remind you of His plan for each moment of your 2013.   

Have a wonderful weekend friends.

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